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The author of A Fitful LIfe" is a 46 year old gentleman who developed Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and had his first complex partial seziure at the age of three. The author continues to live with epilepsy where seizures occur much less frequently i.e. one every ten days-two weeks, unlike when he was a child/adolescent/young adult where seizures were once every thirty six hours. The author has also lived with a number of anxiety disorders where some have been as a result of having epilepsy in the temporal lobe, however, others have been because of childhood trauma. The author has also lived with Chronic depression and has resorted to self symptom management to control his anxiety and depressive disorders and a combination of medication and symptom self management to cope with living with epilepsy. 

The author has had many educational difficulties, however, he has managed to remain in mainstream education during his school years and is educated to university degree level where he graduated with a BSc(Hons) in Molecular Biology in the year 1997. 

The author has also been a disability advocate where he ran his own charity representing those with other neurological disabilities such as MS and stroke who were being denied services and entitlements as well as experienced human rights violations by authorities such as housing associations, social work, occupational therapy, employers, educators etc. Funding came to an end due to funders having limited pots of funding, thus, wishing to only donate their money to the much larger, longer established charities.

Due to discrimination and judgemental attitudes of employers, educators and mental health professionals the author has been excluded out of the workforce and has now had to resort to living off the UK state benefit known as 'Universal Credit'. This has resulted in the author choosing to start his own mental health service called "Cognitive Harness" which involves teaching those with anxiety and depressive disorders the self symptom management techniques that he has successfully used to treat his own mental health complaints without any requirement for mental health professionals nor medication. It is for this same reason that the author has chosen to write this book as it both serves as a source of income for himself as well as teaches any reader experiencing mental health problems these alternative remedies.   

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