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The following lists entry members by Squadron in alphabetical order. Editing of the list will take place at a later date. Regret that at this time the list includes members who have unfortunately passed away.My apologise for any offence that this may cause and they will be honoured with a correct listing at a later date.

The first list is of No.1 Squadron alphabetically

The second is of No.2 Squadron alphabetically

The third is of No.3 Squadron alphabetically

The fourth List is Pakistan and Ceylon members

The fifth List is of members who joined at a later date.  


No.1 Squadron | Engine Fitters
Deceased (TBC) | Pete Arthur
Details | John Arthur
Phillipines | Tom Bailiff
Details | Colin Baker
Feedback please | Deny's Ballinger
Detais | Eric Brown
Feedback please | John Burrin
Feedback Please | Dennis Caple
Feedback Please | Clack Stan
Cyp.(2009) | Geoff Coles
Feedback Please | Sandy Coombes
Feedback Please | Don Crouch
Feedback Please | D.J. Dilley
Feedback Please | Robert Felstead
Feedback Please | Brian Fitzpatrick
Feedback Please | Paul Flanagan
ME(2005) | Derek Fuller
Deceased | Doug Geater
Deceased | Ron George
Deceased | Mick Gibbons
Perth,Aus | Keith Govey
LN | David Gray
Deceased | Viv Hadridge
BD | Tony Hall
BS | David Hammond
Vancouver | Peter Haltham
Deceased | Dave Howes
Neth. | Roy Jennings
YO(1998) | John Kelly
GU | John Knight
Deceased | Ralph Lines
CO | Roy Lock
Feedback please | Richard Marston
Feedback please | Russel McCoy
RH | John.(Ginge) Meaney
Feedback please | J.E. Milligan
Feedback please | Derek Money
Feedback please | Roy Mullens
Feedback please | Stephen Owen
Deceased | Dom Parkinson
Sth Africa | George Pettit
Feedback please | Colin Price
Feedback please | Harrold Redstone
Feedback please | Patrick Riley
Feedback Please | Micheal Ringrose
Feedback Please | David Roberts
Contact made. | Edward Rogers
Feedback Please | Brian Russell
Feedback Please | George Sharpe
Feedback Please | Alfred Smith
BH | Brian Stelfox
Deceased | Alan Stone
Feedback Please | Micheal Sutton
YO | Charlie Taplin
Feedback Please | Charles Villian
CV | Eric Waterfall
Turkey | John Watson
Feedback Please | Brian Wesson
PE | Barry Whent
PL | Brian Wilson
--------------- | ------------- --------------
N0 2 Squadron | Airframe and Armourment Fitters
IP | Dave Adcock
LN | Harrold Arnold
SO | M.R. Bailey
France | David .William Baker
DG | David Barrett
Feedback Please | Brian Bensley
Feedback Please | Mick Beresford
DA | Colin Bishop
not traced | David Bowack
Aus | Phil Brain
Aus. | Peter Brewin
75th | Tom Broughton
not traced | David Bryce
SN | B.M Burton
LN | Derek Caffrey
not traced | Brian Chapman
not traced | Cecil Charlton
not traced | Roy Coia
not traced | Don Colley
not traced | Bob Constable
not traced | Trevor Cooke
not traced | Pat Cooney
SO | Les Cooper
not traced | Brian Cox
not traced | Mick Cross
not traced | John Currie
not traced | John Davies
not traced | Micheal Dawson
not traced | Brian Dickons
not traced | William Dickson
not traced | Johnson Doey
traced | Johnny Dolding
PO | Roger Dorey
Member | Brian Ely
not traced | John David Engley
not traced | Brian Evans
traced | Dave Fairbrother
HP | Tony Fennel
not traced | Dave Fleming
EX | Tom Flood
not traced | Micheal Fountain
IP | Chas Fox(B.E.M.)
NN | Ian French
Deceased | Steve (Hadley) Fryer
Deceased | Norbert Gaffney
Not Traced | Tony Gerrish
GU | Bill Greenwood
NG | Norman Haffenden
ME | Roy Hanson
BS | Dennis Harnden
Not Traced | Philip Harris
CO | John Hart
SG | Keith Haylock
Not Traced | Arthur Hayman
Not Traced | Peter Hemsley
Traced | David Hickford
RG | Mike Hoare
RH | Rod Illman
Traced | Brian Jellows
CF | Dewi Jones
Deceased | J.M.(Kas) Kirk
PL | John Lane
Not Traced | B(Butch) Langdale
PO | Bill Lee
NN | John Lillyman
PE | Brian Lindus
Not Traced | Jack Marriot
Canada | Stan Marrow
Not Traced | Dennis Marsden
Councillor | John Marshall
Not Traced | Oliver Mason
Traced | Richard(Tiny) Matthews
Traced | Brian McHenry
Not Traced | Raymond Miles
Traced | Bill Miller
Not Traced | A.(Dusty) Miller
Not Traced | ?(Spud) Murphy
Deceased | Peter Oflinn
Not Traced | Roy Onslow
NN | Dave Pellatt MBE
Use feedback | Bill(Richard?) Penaluna
Not Traced | Tony Pratt
.HU | Alan Proctor
.. | Barry Proctor
Not Traced | John Pryke
Not Traced | Derek Purdy
SN | Ted Querzani
Traced | David Read
Not Traced | Derek Readshaw
Not Traced | Brian Roberts
BT | Jim Robinson
DN | Alan H Robinson
DT | Tony Roots
SO | Jeffrey Rowthorn
NP | Les Rumsey
Traced | Guy Rutter
Not Traced | George Sharpe
Not Traced | Alan Simpson
AL | Ronald Smith
Not Traced | Ian Smith
Not Traced | Peter Smith
NR | Ray Speed
Not Traced | Leon Stallwood
TA | Geoff Stearn
Traced | John Stevens
Not Traced | Peter Stoneman
Not Traced | Brian Sutcliffe
Traced | Leonard Thomas
Not Traced | Joseph Treacy
Not Traced | Brian Waspe
Deceased | Jim Wheeler
Traced | Barry Whitbread
Not Traced | Alec Wilson
Not Traced | Terry Whitcombe
DA | Eddie Wood
Not Traced | Micheal Wood
Traced | Robert Wood OBE
Not Traced | Jack Yule
----------------- | ------------------ -----------------------
No.3 Squadron | Electrical and Instrument Fitters
Not Traced | Brian Atkins
Not traced | Robert Bertram
Not traced | Brian Christopher
Bali | David(Jock) Bayne
Not traced | John Cutler
Traced | Antony Denton
Deceased | Lewis Dewey
TS | Malcolm Ewen
Not traced | R.L. Finch
Not traced | Clive Frith
Not traced | Honri Glellender
Not traced | Micheal King
Not traced | Ian McIlroy
Not Traced | D McMahon
Not Traced | Alex Miller
Not traced | Peter Newson
Not Traced | Philip O'Hare
B91 | Micheal Phillips
Not Traced | Roger Pike
Not Traced | Wilfred Rainford
Not Traced | A Revell
Traced | Brian Rourke
Traced | Dave Smale
Australia | Ken Sheppard
Not Traced | George Smith
Not Traced | B Staples
Not Traced | J.E. Tagg
Not Traced | roger Turner
Not Traced | Terrance Waters
Living in Turkey | John Watson
Not Traced | Patrick Whelan
Not Traced | James Whyte
Traced | Richard Williams
CV | David Arnold
Not Traced | Micheal Beck
CF | Mike Crabtree
Not Traced | Bob Crighton
Not Traced | Fredrick Downie
SO | John Ferriroli
Not Traced | Biff Fisher
NE | Rod Foreman
Not Traced | Barry Frampton
Not Traced | Gerald Halson
Not Traced | David Harries
Not Traced | Alan Heath
Not Traced | Richard Hill
Not Traced | B.P.(Stretch) Kelly
Not Traced | Robert Kerr
NG | Ron Langdon
Not Traced | Gilbert Libotte
Traced | Mike Martin
Not Traced | Antony Stephenson
Traced | Dave Sutton
Traced | Gerrard Thomas
Not Traced | Kevin Throp
Not Traced | Roger Toms
Not Traced | Brian Walker
Traced | William Wilson
Karachi | Tasneem Khan (Pakistan Air Force)
Deceased 7/18 | M ASLAM (Janjua)(Pakistan Air force)
Pakistan Air Force | S.Z ABBAS
Pakistan Air Force | A.K. AZMAT
Pakistan Air Force | A.A. BAQUI
Pakistan Air Force | M.I. BUTT
Pakistan Air Force | A.H. FAZAL
Pakistan Air Force | M.Z. HAQUE
Members | Formerly with Other Entries(To Sort)
He was there | Kilroy Chad
Not Traced | G.R.(Ges) Kellock
Councillor | R.J. Hewings
rep.Decd n.c. | John Hiscock
nOT tRACED | P.A. Lloyd
Not Traced | G.W. Poole
Traced | Harry J. Scarlett
Aus. | Robert A. Wilson-Browne
Traced | Eddie Wirth
Traced | D.J. Harris
.. | .... .....
LISTED BELOW | Please Make Contact
not traced | Norman Funnell
not traced | Merlin Gold
not traced | Dave Green
not traced | Dave Hewitt
Details | Peter Holtham
traced | Pete Hutcheon
not traced | Ron King
not traced | Robert Lampon
traced | John Marriott
not traced | Derek Marsh
traced | M.E.J. Marshall
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