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Looking for Friends
I would like to meet Tony Hall and Dave Gray both Eng. Fitters from 3A wing
Posted by Ted Thanabalasingham on 04 March 2018
Hello Ted Please could you fill in the Feedback page so that I can contact you.
If you are coming over we are having a reunion in September.
have been unable to contact you as your e-mails have returned undelivered.
Posted by Ian French on 04 March 2018
Hi Ted Please contact me as I dont have a valid e-mail address for you.
Posted by Ian French on 05 March 2018
65th Anniversary
Use this as an invite to put your

"I Remember When"

Having disappeared for the weekend when Sat morning was a Sqdn C. O inspection.
Monday morning Sgt MacDougal said on a morning round said to me "And where were you laddy to which I replied "I went for a walk Sgt" This caused so much laughter he never said anymore.
Another occation Bolton -Aubert was on a charge for creating a disturbance after lights out.
I was grabbed as escort. The evidence was "and he stood on the end of has bed clucking like a chicken. Taff Williams taking the charge kept a straight face but unfortunately I just couldn't and burst out laughing F/s Hazleden immediately reminded me that it was not a laughing matter but I couldn't stop. It was a quick seven day and out.
Posted by Ian French on 04 September 2017
65th Anniversary
5 Sep 2017 (two days from now) is the 65th anniversary of the formation of the 72nd Entry.
I'm still living in Bali but will raise a glass, at the appropriate time, and toast all my colleagues and friends from that moment in 1952 when we signed to take the Queens shilling.
Cheers to all of us...its been a helluva ride!
Posted by David 'Jock' Bayne (587832) on 02 September 2017
Best wishes Jock. I'll open a bottle of Bushmills and toast all on the 5th.Best wishes everyone.
Posted by Ian French on 03 September 2017
72nd Entry RAF Halton(3aWwing)
Whilst I never finished my training,returning to civy life I started a belated apprenticeship at Marshalls of Cambridge where I worked until I joined English Electric as a trainee field representative on the TSR2 working at Weybridge on its build and Boscombe Down on its flight developement through until its cancelation.After e period as a field rep, on the BAC111 I transferred to Stevenage on the Thunderbird weapon system,on return from Saudi Arabia I became the repair manager through until my early retirement.
These days I live with my wife Vivian and my daughter and her family,being grand father to two grandsons.Many memories,mostly good.
Posted by Keith Haylock on 10 August 2014
72nd entry photographs

My father was part of the 72nd entry as a member of the group from Pakistan Airforce. I recently came across some old photographs taken while at Halton and would happily share those if you like.

Best wishes.

Arizona, USA
Posted by M.Salman on 03 July 2011
Many thanks for making contact with the 72nd Entry website. I would be very pleased to share any photo's that you may have.The membersof the entry have for many years been trying to trace all our friends from Pakistan,as we do have a reunion each year(if Possible).Tracing has been extremely difficult and the reasons have been many. I look forward to hearing from you again soon and hope you will use feedback to permit correspondance.
Posted by Ian French on 12 July 2011
587961 Broadbent P.J.
Posted on 22 November 2010
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