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Welcome to all readers


Here is a taster for a new novel.   Remember, its going to develop into a sensational story - and you are the first to know about it.

Read the plot and wait for the serialisation of this funny, witty, black comedy which is coming soon.



The administrators of this website are not responsible for the advertisements put on by the hosting service and do not endorse them in anyway whatsoever.

This novel is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any living person or situation is purely coincidental.

No responsibilty or legal liabilty is accepted for reference to anything contained in the novel.

Readers have the right to contact the author regarding the content of the novel in a way that cannot be done with any standard printed matter.

It should be clearly understood that 64 Shades of Weeds is copyright (2012) and no reproduction in any shape or form is allowed.   The law, as defined in the UK, applies to this material.


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