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Introduction to SERC Highland
& endurance riding

Whether you want to take part in a pleasure ride, progress through the SERC competitive ride scheme to the highest level, help out at rides or enjoy the great camaraderie amongst endurance riders, then this is the club for you and your horse!

The Highlands is where endurance riding as a sport started in Scotland. The Highland Long Distance Riding Club was founded in 1982 in Inverness. But due to the ever-increasing popularity of the sport, the Club expanded with branches starting up all over Scotland. The name of the Club was eventually changed to the Scottish Endurance Riding Club (SERC).

So what is endurance riding about?

  •  Developing a relationship with your horse with a special focus on preparation, health and fitness.

  •  Building a partnership with your horse over many miles of riding based on working together and trust.

  • Achieving competitive endurance challenges with your horse, more than you ever thought possible.

Riders from the SERC Highland Branch have reached the top of the sport over the years at UK, European and world level. So whatever you aspire to, there is the support to help you achieve your goals with your horse in endurance riding at any level.

The late Wendell T. Robie (1895 - 1984) is often credited with starting modern day endurance riding. He wanted a sport which involved "rapport with one's horse; companionship on a trail; and the opportunity to share the incomparable scenery of my home territory". That rings true today and particularly here in the Highlands of Scotland.

So come, check it out and join in >>>


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