SBU Summer Academy

For all students who are currently taking bridge lessons in Scotland and those, who for many reasons over the last 18 months, may have decided to put “on hold” any further lessons but feel they maybe missing out?

The SBU Summer Academy gives you the opportunity to practice your bridge in a relaxed environment among peers of  a similar standard and will hopefully keep your enthusiasm for the game at an all time high. Membership to the Summer Academy is free to bridge students (‘beginner' and ‘improver' levels) and lasts until 31/08/21.

Weekly Lounge

Here are students joining details for this week’s Realbridge weekly LOUNGE:


Week beginning 14th June Lounge Session key: 


Start time: 2.00pm

The session closes: 10.00pm on Sunday 20th June


Forthcoming events in the Summer Academy
Date Time TD and Mentors
Tues 8 June 7:00 pm 12 Board Play and Learn: Marilyn McDonagh, Carlton BC
Tues 15 June 7.00pm 12 Board Play and Learn: Ken Aitken, Cairngorm and Grantown Bridge Clubs
Wed 23rd June 7:00 pm 12 Board Play & Learn: Gill Roberts, Perth, Dundee and Bearsden Bridge Clubs
Sun 27th June 4:00 pm 12 Board Gentle Tournament: Victor Lesk
Tues 29 June 7:00pm 12 Board Play & Learn: Fiona Scully, Inverness, Caldeonian and Ness Bridge Clubs
Tues 6 July 7.00pm 12 Board Play & Learn: Danny Hamilton? TBC

Tues 13 July

7.00pm 12 Board Play & Learn: Marilyn MacDonagh, Carlton Bridge Club



Play and Learn session 

The weekly Play and Learn sessions provide an opportunity to play pre-selected deals in a practice environment.  No timer, no table movement no stress!  But with mentors at hand to guide you and answer your questions. 

We will open the session at 6.30pm, please take your seats by 6.50pm ready to start play at 7.00pm..  Our friendly mentors will be on hand to answer your questions –  If you need assistance – please do press the 'director' button to request help and one of the mentors will come to the table as soon as they are free.

 A hand commentary and a .pdf of the boards will be posted on the website after the session.  If you are unable to finish all the boards on the evening, then the session will remain open until the weekend, so feel free to come back and check your bidding/play or finish the boards – just make a note of your table so that you can complete the boards from where you left off!


Tuesday 15th June Play and Learn Session key:




This week's session is run by Ken Aitken and teams from both Cairngorm and Grantown bridge clubs.


Many thanks to Ken Aitken and his team from the Grantown and Cairngorm Bridge Clubs for running Tuesday's session - they thoroughly enjoyed it!

Here are the hands you played in the Play and Learn on the 8th June click 

Play and learn hands from 15 June (originally played on 10th Feb)

Play and learn hands from 15 June commentary


Monthly Gentle Tournament

Monthly tournament will be held on the last Sunday of each month at 4.00pm.

The next Tournament will be held on Sunday 27th June at 4.00pm.

This will comprise 12 boards which you will all be playing at the same time.

In addition, as its a tournament, you and your partner will play against a number of different pairs in the course of the session.


Playing on RealBridge

RealBridge run weekly introduction sessions supervised by RealBridge experts. It is a good idea to attend one of these prior to playing in the lounge. Please check their website for details of this week’s sessions.

 If you are completely new to RealBridge we would recommend you have a quick look at the user guide before you start linked here: User Guide

If you have just joined the group, you may have missed our welcome email that included a link to the Audio/Visual test which we also recommend you do to ensure that you are “system capable” which is included here: Audio/Visual test

It is very simple to access the RealBridge Lounge - just click on the appropriate session key above  and that will launch the RealBridge session. Type in your full name and put your SBU number in the ID number field (don’t worry if you don’t have your SBU number to hand (this field can also be left blank). If you get a pop-up message asking you to allow camera or audio access, please click on “allow”.

Just a word of caution - if your real-life partner is also your bridge partner, we recommend playing in different rooms!  Having two devices run RealBridge in the same room can disrupt the audio function and cause feedback issues.  A good thick wall in between you usually sorts this out!


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