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Village Community Group

Okeford Fitzpaine



We are pleased to announce that there is now a Defibrillator installed in the village for Emergency use in the event of a cardiac arrest. The unit is installed within a coded entry cabinet at the entrance to the Museum adjacent to the Telephone Kiosk by the village shop. In the event of a cardiac arrest (adult or child) the first step is to call 999. They will confirm the 4-digit code to be entered followed by “OK” to gain access to the defibrillator.

It is advised that additional help be summoned in order that the unit can be sent for and also that CPR can be administered immediately to the patient.

i.e. - IF you come across someone who has collapsed:-

1. Shout for help - loudly !  It IS "life or death" !

2. Dial 999 - the "help" can do this.  AT THE SAME TIME -

3. Administer CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitaion)

CPR training is being offered to anyone above 10 years of age. For details contact Mike Wood 01258 860 146  mike@nutmegcottage.net

The defibrillator cabinet includes the defibrillator, instructions for use and a kit of essential items. The system is very simple to use and on switching on full and clear instructions are given. When the pads are attached the equipment will analyse the casualty’s heart rhythm and assess whether a shock is necessary. Follow the procedures detailed by the voice prompts accordingly.

A shock cannot be incorrectly administered so there is no risk involved. Continue with CPR treatment and defibrillation until medical help arrives.


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