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15 mm Maori and Hawaiian 


15mm figures packs consist of

8 foot or 4 mounted  at £2.50

per pack 



Native New Zealanders Circa 1000-

1880 AD

Can also be used as native Guanches


the Canary Islands who fought the

late medieval Spanish invaders (with

some success!)

MO 1 Early Command       v

MO 2 Warband 


MO 3 Firearms and Shotguns

MO 4 Later Firearms Command

MO 5 British Colonial Infantry officer and

advancing infantry man with firearms

MO 6 British Colonial infantryman firing

MO 7 Colonial militia/settlers ( 2 types )
MO 8 Colonial militia/settlers firing



Native inhabitants of Polynesia

These figures come open handed

with a

variety of seperate weapons.


15mm figures packs consist of

8 foot at £2.50  per pack 


HAW 1 Warriors  


HAW 2 Pikemen


HAW 3 Skirmishers  

HAW 4 Outrigger boat with sail and 1 crew £2.50

HAW 5 Outrigger boat no sail and 2 crew     £2.50


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