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Buddies in Boats
For Hull Submariners.
A curtesy note..On June 3-5 Submariners - Buddies in Boats will be visiting Bridlington for what we call a 'bash'. We were there last year and had a great time. Our base for the weekend is the New Crown Hotel. On friday we will just have a meet and greet in the Hotel. Saturday, is a free afternoon, but most of us go on a little pub crawl in the afternoon, during that period, we will be laying at least 1 but possibly two Wreaths at the Cenotaph. We all meet up again in the New Crown for 7pm and will have scran and carry out our raffle. All proceeds going to carity. Several wives and friends will also be attending. I expect somewhere between 50-60 of us. (mostly retired).
All welcome. Thankyou .....Tug Wilson
Posted by Gary Wilson on 24 January 2016
Joining Soon
Hi Guys, Lofty Purvis here, will be paying you a visit soon, been meaning to join for years but never got round to it. Im ex S boats and T boats, Nukes. See ya soon !!
Posted by Chris Purvis on 17 July 2014
hms renown
i served on the renown, port, from 77 to dec 82. living in hull for my sins. are there any of the ssbn boats still about that you can visit??? tks.
Posted by sean 'sparky darky' darker on 11 December 2013
I think the only nuke available to visit is conqueror, and that is by prior arrangement only through the dockyard in Guz. but I have contacts on facebook who constantly arrange it. It takes time, the boat has to be ventilated for 3 days before anyone is allowed on board.
Posted by Chris Purvis on 17 July 2014
Any old Shipmates
Hi My Father was a Stoker Kenny Rennie on HMS Anchorite and Upstart. I have donated some pictures to the Dolphin Museum of him and some friends. Also my Uncle Ian Christie Stewart, who due to injury had to rejoin Ships. Ian served in WW2. I would dearly love to hear from family or friends of my father Jock Rennie;-)or Uncle Ian. My email is
Thanks for reading. Moggie (nee) Rennie
Posted by Morag Croll on 24 August 2012
Hi Moggie, on facebook there is a group called Diesel Boats UK, I will copy and paste your message onto their wall and see if I get any feedback :-)
Posted by Chris Purvis on 31 July 2014
Old Oppo
Good Afternoon!
I am writing to see of any of your members/readers know the whereabouts of Yorky Ewing ex Chief Stoker who was originally from your fair city. Nothing sinister, just want to look up an old oppo.


Posted by Yorkie Brailsford on 16 August 2012
Dontknow if you ever got a reply but Yorky Ewen lives in the Burgh.......last saw him at Tom Kimmits funeral last year
Posted by Gary Wilson on 20 January 2016
this weekend
Posted on 18 September 2011

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