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16 February 2008
Bella and Diva

Bella and Diva had a short but fairly energetic training session yesterday afternoon, as temperatures dropped steadily and the sky grew ever greyer.

First some freestyle with both girls working at the same time, it was so interesting to see their different styles.  Both became supercharged as some jealousy (or was that possessiveness?) kicked in and they each tried to "steal" the sheep from one another.

While they were nicely revved up from that activity we took them over to the big field where some 110 mules made them really stretch themselves.  Bella being fitter and having worked the very large flock before had the advantage, but Diva showed us she too can get herself around them all, and managed not to lose any!

Two very tired and contented Beardies washed their feet in the puddles which still decorate the field, and had a huge drink before making their way home for supper and bed.

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