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08 February 2008
Training today

Diva and Bella met up late on a pleasant early spring kind of an afternoon for a training session, but before the herding Bella wore her new tracking harness for the first time, to show her friends what she has been doing for another hobby between sheep sessions.  As usual she took a few moments to settle, then down went her nose and she was away: something which she clearly enjoyed almost as much as the herding which came later.

Both girls worked a couple of times and gave us some encouraging moments.  Diva did yet more gates, and is quite getting the hang of them now (Liz too!) and then Bella did more practice on her current project, which is learning to keep her concentration despite distractions.  Quite a challenge for a scatterbrain of barely 16 months! - but she is definitely improving on that score, and managed to keep her focus even when Diva insisted on regularly barking encouragement to her friend!

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