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14 January 2008
Heavy going in the mud

After the recent heavy rain it was definitely "wellies on " for a quick training session between the showers for Bella and Diva this afternoon.

Diva, having just finished her season, was clearly less fit than she was a few weeks ago, and that, plus the heavy going, meant that she really appreciated hearing the words "That'll Do", even though she had been thoroughly enjoying herself galloping the whole length of the zoo field.

Bella did some very fast work not sacrificing too much accuracy, though she was a little distracted by the novelty of having company at her training session for a change. Both girls were caked with mud by the end of their stint and even Sue the smooth-coated Border Collie looked less pristine than she usually does!

We will try to get some more training in as the days grow longer, but weather conditions will tend to hamper our efforts at this time of year - roll on spring!!!

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