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14 December 2007
A Cold and Frosty Morning

We managed to squeeze in a short session with Bella and Diva this morning, which will probably be the last one this side of Christmas, certainly for Diva.

Weather conditions were dry though bleak, with a hard frost on the ground and no sun to be seen.  It seemed to suit the Beardies well enough however, and both were full of energy as they worked, first in the barn field and later in the "zoo field", with the huge Flamingoland roller-coaster dominating the sky line.

The zoo field is large, and so is the flock - about 70 Texels - so experienced trialling Border Collie Joss made the initial gather, then handed over to the Beardies who took turns to work.  We should have some nice photos which will be posted in due course.  One we are especially pleased with shows Bella sitting alert but patient as Diva has her turn - demonstrating amazing self-control for her age!

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