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Pest Control                             

The Mole - (Talpa europaea.) Moles are notoriously difficult to eradicate, we've all seen the of damage moles can cause, but most people have never seen a mole.  Mole damage often takes a frighteningly short period of time leading to numerous molehills, which is not only unsightly but can be hazardous. Ruined gardens, pasture, paddock and farmland is common, as is bacterial and viral infection of soil and animal feeds, not to mention damage to machinery. A traditional Mole Catcher will quickly and humanely catch your mole (s).

If you have tried off the shelf products for getting rid of moles you'll know they do not work, giving little or no result. Successful  mole control is a on-going process that requires the skill of a traditionial mole catcher. we offer Mole removal in gardens, golf courses, horse paddocks, farm and grassland, council grounds, playing fields, churchyards in fact anywhere the mole is. We only use traditional mole catching methods to catch our moles. We do not poison or gas moles. we use only approved mole traps and set these in a minimum pattern to catch the most moles with the minimum of disturbance to you or your business. As with most traditional mole catchers we offer a no mole no fee system, when successful there is a tier system of charges in order to cater for all types of infestation from 1 mole to 100.

If you do have a mole problem and would like it dealt with by a traditional mole catcher please contact us for a no obligation assessment.

 We also offer a rabbit catching service, again  using        tradititional methods, purse netting with ferrets, long netting, trapping and shooting. Again we cover any size of infestation from a garden to forestry to golf courses. If you have a rabbit problem please contact us to discuss your requirements.



We also offer a Deer Management Service,

this normally applied free of charge, please contact for details. All deer managers fully qualified and insured.

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