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Rapidplay 13th April 2019
Excellent event today. Thank you All at poplar for hosting this see you all again soon.
Charles from Isle of Wight
Posted by Charles Charalambous on 13 April 2019
Next tournament 16/9/17
As always looking forward to playing this weekend, hope you get some more entries Norman/Yelena. Not sure playing in the Minor will help me much on current form but I will give it a go.. then probably back to the Major !! Thanks for organising such a friendly tournament :) Chris
Posted by Chris O'Bee on 12 September 2017
8th April 2017 Tournament
Hi Norman, The tournament was very well organized - nice and calm environment. Got to meet you and few parents in person, a wonderful experience. Food was great - especially fish.

Thanks...Avi & Prithvi
Posted by Prithvi Bhardwaj on 23 April 2017
Homely event
After some break in between, am glad to be reasonably regular at Docklands Rapid Major. It's a homely event:
1) close by to my home
2) homely people - Norman, Yelena, Nas, Ray, Hugh, Jonathan and many more
3) homely coffee and snacks :) - sometimes lucky enough to get me grading prize.

Am still waiting for a special coffee that can get me the first place :)

Posted by Vikram on 10 June 2016
Thank you for the kind words Vikram.
My very best wishes and look forward to the next one in a couple of weeks!
I've given Yelena tips on how to make that 'special' coffee....
Posted by Norman on 14 June 2016
The coffee happened to be special indeed... helped me score my lifetime's best, which is 5 out of 6 :)
Posted by Vikram on 26 June 2016
next event
Posted by David WOOD on 19 November 2013
Posted on 11 October 2013
Posted on 15 September 2013
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Posted on 14 June 2013
great day
Posted on 01 June 2013
chess events
Posted on 29 March 2013
Well organised event
Posted on 16 December 2012
December 2012
Posted on 16 December 2012
Well Done
Posted on 08 November 2012
A day to remember
Posted on 19 August 2012
Excellent tournaments
Posted on 28 February 2011
Great chess experience!
Posted on 27 February 2011
good organisation
Posted on 24 January 2011
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