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09 October 2017
Message From the Bowls Committee

Our new Winter Leagues season is fast approaching. We hope it is successful and enjoyed by all.

Will team captains ensure that all players representing their teams are fully paid up members and made aware of the dress code. Copies of the rules are displayed on the notice boards. Also displayed are notices regarding the new re-spot ruling and another regarding bowls etiquette.


Teams captains please note that there has been a change to the rules regarding match cancellations. Last season there were many matches cancelled by team captains, asking for a rearrangement, which were never played resulting in points being shared at the end of the season. The Bowls Committee decided that this was unfair on the team available to play on the date set for the match. Consequently, starting this season when a team fails to fulfil a league fixture on the date set for the match, points will be awarded to the opposing team available to play. (for full details see Rules 6.3 and 6.4)

If a team is unable to fulfil a fixture because it is short of registered players it can call upon a guest player or players providing they have not already played for a team in the same league.

Why not encourage a new member to join your team? And remember there are many club members playing in other Winter Leagues who – with a little arm-twisting – can be encouraged to help you out on a one-off basis. So please, do you very best to fulfil each fixture on the date set.


You will no doubt have notice new spots on the rink to the left and right of the ‘T’ These come into being under a new WIBA ruling for all competitions and league matches for the 2017/18 season. In effect it will mean there will be no dead-ends but jacks will be re-spotted on the re-spot marks.

The WIBA ruling is displayed on the notice board but here is a summary:


If the jack comes to rest outside the left-hand boundary of the rink the jack should be placed on the left re-spot. If it comes to rest outside the right-hand boundary it should be placed on the right re-spot.

If the spot is partly or completely covered by a bowl, the jack should be placed as close as possible without touching to the covered spot, inside and in line with that spot and the ‘T’.


If a jack is driven in to the end ditch, but remains within rink boundary lines, it is a live jack and play continues with the jack in that position.


Please note that instead of the usual two-hour long matches, the Wednesday League only will be played over a fixed number of 13 ends. This will be on a trial basis. Please ask your scorers to note on their scorecards the time each match finishes, to help with the appraisal of the trial when the season comes to an end.

Mostyn Christopher

Chairman, Bowls Committee

Bro Myrddin Bowls Club

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