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Open Singles League, Winter 2019/20

There  will be an Open Singles League (i.e. open to men & ladies) this winter– three divisions if we get enough entries. The entry form is now on the Club notice board Anyone interested should put name on the form on the notice  board .  Names are required before  21st September when the notice will be taken down and entries closed.  Leagues will start 30th September.
Just a reminder that the format for the Winter Singles League is different to the Summer Singles League which has been running for the first time this summer.
In the Winter Singles League, the winner of each match is the first to reach 21 shots, or the actual score after 2 hours, whichever comes first.
Sian Davies League Secretary

Bro Myrddin Bowls Club Winter Triples Leagues 2019/20

We are proposing to run the following Leagues:

Day & time Format Start time
Monday evenings Ladies’ triples 5.30pm
Tuesday afternoons Open triples 2.00pm
Tuesday evenings Open Triples 7.00pm
Wednesday afternoons Ladies & men’s joint triples 2.00pm
Thursday evenings Men’s triples 7.00pm
Friday afternoons Open triples 2.00pm
“Ladies triples” means team members must all be ladies. / “Men’s triples” means team members must all be men.
“Open triples” means that teams can be made up of either male members, female members, or a combination of both sexes.
The Wednesday afternoon league is a combination of men only and ladies only teams playing together in the same league. Mixed sex teams are not permitted. If there are enough men only or ladies only teams entered to justify running separate men’s and ladies’ leagues, this could be considered, with staggered starting times of 2.00pm and 4.00pm.
All matches will be of 13 ends duration (approximately 2 hours)
An entry form covering all the leagues is attached and can be downloaded. Further forms will be available on the Club’s notice board.
Please complete and return to the Reception Office by Saturday 21st September. Please ensure your entries are submitted in time, to help the Fixture Secretary prepare the fixture lists. Leagues will start in week commencing 30th September.

Summer 2019 Singles League

Open to all members, Male and Female

We are hoping to run a Summer Singles League based on one Division with a maximum of 12 players. If more than 12 wish to take part then a second Division may be considered. It is sincerely hoped that the League will be played in the spirit in which it is intended, promoting friendship, fun and self-improvement.

 Start date Monday June 3rd

Finish date Last match to be completed by Friday September 13th

Participants will play each other once, and in any order. Players are responsible for the mutual arrangement of matches and booking rinks, (subject to the match timetable set out in the table below). Matches to be first to 21 points or 13 Ends (strict maximum game time of 2hrs). Please note that games MUST NOT overrun when the Club is due to close. If for any reason your match starts with less than 2 hrs available, you must consider a rematch, or reducing the allotted time to fit around Closing Time. Please do not ask volunteer supervisors to extend opening times to fit around your matches.

Winter League Singles Rules Apply in all cases. Normal club Singles League rink fees to be paid prior to play commencing (£4 per person, per match). Available rinks will be drawn for on arrival, and not selected by the players. One score card to be used, signed by both players at the end of the match and handed into the office.

Scoring will be as follows: 2 points for a Win, 1 point for a Draw. All shots and ends must be recorded and submitted for each match to enable League Positions to be determined when points are tied. In the event of a match being conceded 10 points will be awarded to the winner and 0 points to the loser.

A Bowls Centre availablility chart. Entry forms are available on the Club notice board.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning 9:30am to 1pm            Limited Rinks Available        No Rinks Available Limited Rinks Available        Limited Rinks Available Limited Rinks Available       
Afternoon 1pm to 5pm Limited Rinks Available Summer triples league      up to 2 rinks may be available Club Closed Singles league prefered match time Club Closed
Evening 6:15pm to 9:15pm         Club Closed Club Closed Club Closed Summer triples league      up to 3 rinks may be available Club Closed

Summer Leagues 2019

Entries are slowly coming in for the summer leagues. However, more teams entering would give better competitions.
The closing date for entries was to be 6th April but we can extend that by a week. We do need entries as soon as possible , with the probable starting dates for the leagues being first week in May (subject to confirmation).
Completed entry forms should be handed into the Reception Office.

Please note that  there will be 2 indoor leagues run over the spring/ summer period this year, subject the enough teams entering. One will be on Tuesday afternoons commencing at 2pm, the other on Thursday evenings commencing at 7pm. The duration of matches will be 13 ends

Both leagues are open triples, that is, 3 players per team, and the teams can be made up of either all male members, all female members or any combination of both sexes. All team members must be hold full playing membership of the Club for the year 2018/19.

The leagues will commence either in mid/late April or early May.

We hope to have plenty of entries for both leagues. Please complete your entry forms as soon as possible. Entry forms are attached and can also be found on the Club’s notice board.

Closing date for entries is  Saturday 7th April.

Summer Leagues Entry Form



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