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As you have probably noticed there is an exclamation mark as well as the words “Not Secure” present in the website address of the “A fitful Life” website URL address box.

Many who are not IT literate or prone to anxiety may think that it is not safe to depart bank details in amazon via links coming from “Not Secure” sites. For this reason this page explains what this “Not Secure” means and why it exists in the first place.

Google Chrome decided to start screening the security of websites back in 2018. This screening of websites was Google Chrome’s way in confirming that the sites that browsers were visiting were the sites of people who were who they said they were.

Google Chrome started charging website owners a fee for their websites to be listed as “Secure” where the system they introduced listed those websites of owners who would not pay this fee as being “Insecure” by putting the words “! Not secure” in the url address bar.

Many website owners felt pressured to pay this fee; and others refused, as they saw this as a hijacking of their websites through the “stigmatising” of their websites if they did not pay a fee. This screening process was effectively Google Chrome saying “Give us your money, or we will label your site non secure”. Many on principle have not paid this fee and the owner of “A Fitful Life” is one of those.

This website is “secure” and does not handle any bank details. All bank details given are done on the amazon website that is external to this website.

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