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Open Singles          Completed 2021

Open Plate Singles  Completed 2021

Handicap Singles   Completed 2021

Mixed Pairs             Completed 2021

Men’s Pairs              Completed 2021

Tuesday Evening Sybil Pickup  Club Trophy Tournament                                                                                           Completed 2021






The competition commences on 12 April 2022 at  6.00pm (Draw 5:45pm)

Please arrive promptly by 6.00pm  for the Draw.

Arrivals after 18:00 will not be accepted for play


Members are free to use the rinks at all other times when Club Events or Competitions are not taking place



County Competitions & Tournaments

Various Dates

Full details are on the Notice Board

The County Calendar has now been added to the 'County Bowls' section of this website 

Interested parties please sign up on the sheets provided


Club Competitions & Tournaments


These are being run by the Competitions Secretary


1.  2022 Club Open Competitions (Provisional)

Open Singles*  

¤ Conducted on a knockout basis

¤ Winner is first to 21

¤ Final to be played on Finals day


Handicap Singles

¤ Conducted on a knockout basis

¤ Winner is first to 21

¤ Final to be played on Finals day


Mixed  &  Mens Doubles

The format will be dependent on number of entries:

It is proposed that for 2022 the format should be a 'Round Robbin' . All teams will play each other and the winners will be the team with the most number of points at the end. 



¤ The number of finals played on finals day might have to be reviewed as this is dependent on who will be in the final

¤ * First round losers in the Open Singles will be entered into a NEW singles plate which will replace maiden singles for the 2017 season 


2. Trophy Competitions

Single Day Events:

Balloted Pairs- Roy Harvey Memorial Trophy

Balloted Triples- Industrial Doors Trophy

Tuesday Evening Trophy Competition :

Every Tuesday Evening between May and September   -  Sybil Pickup Trophy

3. Informal Competitions

Open Day Competition

'Fun Day' Competitions :  

'Target Bowls', 'Australian Pairs' and 'Unusual Rules'

 Fun Day Spoondrive



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