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Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions (together with those stated or reasonably implied anywhere on any other page of the The Barn, Grimsay website) apply to all holidays at The Barn, Grimsay.

We are Joanna MacKinnon and Simon Davies either individually or jointly

You are the hirer, the person named on the booking form we send to you.

You must be 18 or more years of age when you return the booking form to us with your payment. You shall be responsible for complying with these terms and conditions subject to any variation thereto agreed in writing between you and us.






To secure a booking a 25% deposit is required.  When this is received by us we will forward email confirmation of the booking.

The balance of the total amount payable for your holiday is due six weeks prior to the date on which your holiday is to begin.

For bookings made two calendar months or less before the start of your holiday, the full amount payable for your holiday is required to be paid at reservation.



If you have not yet sent payment for a holiday, no contract exists: if you wish to cancel please let us know, by phone or email.

If you have paid a deposit and we have accepted your first payment, then a contract exists, and any cancellation must be requested by you in writing and will be subject to the following terms:

On receiving a cancellation request from you four calendar months or more prior to the start of your holiday, we will return to you whatever you have paid to us, less an administration charge of £30 per hired week, and the contract will be cancelled, without further liability on either side.

On receiving a cancellation request from you less than four calendar months prior to the start of your holiday and you have not yet paid the balance due, the contract will be cancelled but you will not be refunded any of the money you have already paid.

On receiving a cancellation request from you less than four calendar months prior to the start of your holiday and you have already paid the balance due, the contract will be cancelled and you will only receive a refund of the housekeeping deposit.

We shall be entitled to cancel your hire if on a previous occasion of hiring a property owned by us you failed significantly and materially to observe the terms and conditions attached to that hire. In the event of such cancellation we will repay to you all of monies we have received from you for the cancelled hire, less any monies due to us and outstanding in respect of the previous hire.

Hirer's Responsibilities

You shall be responsible for the actions of yourself and any member of your party.  Your party  includes any person  invited or admitted to The Barn by you or any person in your party.

You and each member of your party must comply with our reasonable instructions regarding the security and good management of The Barn or with respect to a neighbour’s property, and responsible for consequences of failing to do so.

You must take reasonable care of The Barn and leave it clean and tidy at the end of your holiday. You will be charged the cost of making good any damage (fair wear and tear excepted) including excessive soiling of carpets, upholstery or other damage or loss caused or permitted by you or a member of your party.

You are responsible for antisocial, un-neighbourly, reckless or criminal conduct by you or a member of your party during your occupation of The Barn.

Period of hire, Occupation

The period of hire shall be from 1600hrs on the first day of hire stated on the booking form you return to us, to 1000hrs on the last day of hire, or as may otherwise be agreed in writing.

You must, at the time of booking, intend to occupy The Barn for the full period of hire. If subsequently you do not expect to arrive before 2400hrs on the first day, or if it becomes necessary for you to leave before 0600hrs on the last day, you must inform us of the circumstances as soon as possible.

You and your party must vacate The Barn no later than 10am on the final day of your holiday, failing which you will be liable for a late departure fee of £30.


You are responsible for paying all monies due for the hire of The Barn.


If you make payment to us from funds in a currency other UK Sterling, or require re-payment to such a currency, you are responsible for any transaction charges or fees arising. We will deduct from the housekeeping deposit any transaction charges or fees incurred by us not already covered by your previous payments to us.


In the event that we do not receive payment from you within 10 days of the date on which such payment is due, we shall be entitled to treat your booking as cancelled at your request.


Any difficulties or complaints should be brought to our attention as soon as possible, so that the problem can be remedied. We shall not be bound to provide a remedy for complaints that you could reasonably have notified us of during your holiday but you nonetheless did not do so.

We cannot accept responsibility for damage to or loss of vehicles, personal belongings or any other property or animal brought to The Barn by you or any member of your party.

Facilities, furnishings appliances and utensils may vary from those shown in photographs or otherwise described, but will be substantively the same in nature, quantity and quality, in so far as may be reasonably practicable under the circumstances obtaining at the time.

We reserve the right to enter the property at any reasonable time during your stay in order to check for damage howsoever caused, to assess the need for repairs or replacements, or to carry out urgent repairs or replacements, or to undertake grounds maintenance. We will as far as possible give you reasonable notice and endeavour to agree with you a mutually convenient time..

Law of Contract

This contract is subject to the laws of Scotland.

The Barn is let for the purposes of holiday accommodation only.

Should any of these terms and conditions be proven contrary to law, such shall not affect the validity of those terms and conditions not so proven.

Advisory Note

We advise you to consider obtaining comprehensive travel insurance that will cover your holiday at The Barn and your journey here and back. We are not responsible for any delays in your arrival/departure owing to ferry disruptions. However, we will do our utmost to remedy any problems they are likely to cause.


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