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wellington balboa
i have a wellington balboa lighter with the name of a motel in lexington ky called The Downtowner motor hotel and on the back side your host the downtowner, what is the value of this lighter,

Posted by DARYL FRANKLIN on 14 November 2018
Hi Daryl,
although the name sounds quite swanky and swinging I think the Wellington Balboa lighters (made in Japan) are on the lower end on the scale. It is the subject matter and rarity thereof that would be the defining factor as far as price is concerned. For a lighter like yours in reasonable condition I would pay around 10 US $ (but then I am Dutch....) If you have the chance send me some pictures if you are thinking of selling it. All the best,
Posted by Sjef van Eijk on 14 November 2018
About Lighter
Hi there!

I'm wondering that Rolex lighters you are collecting is the same company of ROLEX watch?

Please give me your idea. Thanks(^-^)v
Posted by tommy on 01 July 2009
Hi Tommy, sorry I didn't catch your message any earlier !
I don't think it is the same company, especially since I could easily afford this lighter ! :-)
Posted by Sjef on 13 July 2009

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