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This website provides mostly FREE information on anything to do with Welsh family history, census, births, deaths and marriages that may help you to find your ancestors.

Below is some basic information to get you started after which I hope the headings to the left will provide or direct you to the information you need.


The National Library of Wales has Wills, letters of administration and other
probate records which provide an invaluable historical source.

Website has a list pf Courts having Probate jurisdiction in Wales pre 1858


First things first. Every bit of information you collect must be recorded. Carry a notebook or loose leaf binder/file. I prefer loose leaf as it's easy to add or remove if you make a mistake.  USE SEPERATE FOLDERS FOR EACH PARENT AS ONCE YOU HAVE GONE BACK A GENERATION THE FAMILIES ARE VERY UNLIKELY TO BE RELATED.

Start with a basic template (there are free ones available to download on the internet) and then use another for individuals to expand on. You can make your own template for individuals.

2. Always confirm the information you are given by obtaining copies of birth, marriage and death certificates. If these belong to other family members then make copies of them. These will lead to more information about the previous generation.

If they are not available they can be ordered from the UK Goverment Records Office (GRO) https://www.gov.uk/research-family-history You can order paper copies or digital ones which are less expensive.

3. Never accept rumours, heresay, you may end up going down a blind alley and wasting time researching a tree not connected to your family.

4. Everyone gets stuck building their tree at some point in their research (brick walls). If  this happens to you there are societies and online forums or websites like this one that can help.

5. The headings to the left are there to help you. Some of them have sub headings.




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