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Again & Again

Telephone: +66 8471 46563

The Again and Again Restaurant is in the 'village' in Thong Nai Pan Noi, next to the Jungle Bar and opposite The Bamboo Restaurant. It is cheaper than the restaurants on the beach and sells some delicious food. The interesting thing about Again and Again is that it is the only restaurant in Thong Nai Pan which advertises 'organic and healthy' food. I doubt if they buy 'organic foods' from Sainsburys, but they do seem to be aware that MSG is not good for you, and do avoid putting sugar in their shakes.

The restaurant sells a variety of Thai dishes and shakes. It also has Western items such as hamburgers on the menu. Generally, the food is really good and the portions are a decent size.

The actual restaurant has recently been renovated to make extra seating at the back by moving the kitchen to the side. Again and Again has one really nice table with seating on an elevated platform, somewhat in the Japanese style.

Below is a list of items available at Again and Again Restaurant.

Mango Shake 40 THB

Banana Shake 40 THB

Lemon Shake 40 THB

Carrot Juice 40 THB

Orange Juice 40 THB

Ginger and Carrot Juice 50 THB

Bacon Cheese Burger 100 THB

Spaghetti Chicken 130 THB

Stir Fried Thai Spinach with Chicken 60 THB

Laab Chicken 60 THB

Laab Beef 80 THB

Fried Red Curry with Vegetable & Pork 60 THB

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