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The Traditionalists Club  


Celebrating the best of vintage British life by sustaining traditions and enjoying the achievements that made us what we are.

A definition of a traditionalist is: an advocate of maintaining tradition, especially so as to resist change. We don't resist change but we do believe that nostalgia is not a bad thing.

I want to celebrate all that was good about vintage British life and those things that still are. We want to applaud the groups that run our fine heritage museums, or keep old machinery going, who take pride in creating items that are pleasing and built to last, and those who think quality & service matter.

At The Traditionalists Club we are not ageist, sexist, racist or political and are welcoming to all.


I have listed just some of the things I value and enjoy and I am sure that you will have many more to add to the list.


Steam railways, heritage museums, living museums, traditional crafts and trades, cricket on the green, Blue Peter (Magpie was to racy!), UK holidays, villages, cycling, country walks,camping, classic caravans, hats and gloves, family history, fountain pens, Harris tweed, cards and letters, writing, old fashioned pubs, fish and chips, allotments,lawns,tearooms,independent local shops, quality and service, Sunday tea, crumpets,canals and waterways, castles, farms, Marmite, gardening, history, Percy Thrower etc.

One of my ideas is to encourage members to nominate a local small retailer who they feel offers traditional service, manners, quality and who gives that little bit extra.

Certificates will be awarded in an annual presentation to those nominated.


SHOP. We will also be having an online shop where you will be able to purchase quality, artisan, handmade UK made products.


HOLIDAYS & DAY TRIPS - One of the benefits of membership will be short break coach and rail holidays with an eye to fun. Tours,admissions,hotel, etc. included. I can guarantee plenty of fun, interest and friendship. I have many years in hospitality and can promise you some interesting and memorable times.

With quizzes,tours,escorted travel and a gobby guide (me) you will enjoy yourselves!







steam railways - living museums - 

traditional crafts - gardening -

cricket on the green - cycling -

traditional trades - architecture -

good manners - fountain pens -

writing - canals & waterways -


fish & chips - city walls - 

hats & gloves - country walks -

castles - sunday tea - villages -

percy thrower - marmite - history -

boiled eggs & soldiers - friends -

classic caravans - tweed jackets -

cloth caps - tearooms - family history


THE TRADITIONALISTS CLUB  - enjoying great buildings, great views, great machines, great trades, great culture, & great people!


































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