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Meet the members of the Coasters Scooter Club... Probably the best bunch of guys n Gals you will ever meet , Scooter riding rally going scooterists, mods, skins and in betweenies ...

Member | Rob

Promoted to Scooterist from recovery truck driver
"Good time Andy" | Andy

"New Potatoes" | Red

007 The Spiv meister | Spiv

Sometimes Spiv has so much charisma he cant even be in the same room with himself!!!
Chief grease monkey and surgeon | Steve

"If there is the smell of two stroke in the barrel he can breathe life back into it..Its not over til the scrap yard magnet swings"
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Chief party starter | Shower head
Shower head

Dave does not know the meaning of half hearted ...
Its full on or why bother...
Council-errrr Bill | Bill

Customer relations and Anger management dept | Angry Phil
Angry Phil

Phil has been riding scooters longer than his youthful looks would indicate..
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Firestarter..Twisted Firestarter | Fireman Phil
Fireman Phil

"Has been told once and for all by the service... we dont care if they did it before in italy , we are not letting you on a shout with a ladder on yer back and a lammy between yer legs,,get over it"!!
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If its roots n reggae its ok!!! | Carl

"If there is Ska n Reggae in the air .. Carl's on the floor"!!!
Land locked navy boy | Chris

"Can only do rallies that are on the coast .. Starts to get faint if he cant smell the sea"!!
Skanking n Ska master | Dinga

Dinga will take what ever is thrown at him .. and order another pint as a chaser....
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