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A warm welcome  to our home page. At the moment there are no church services due to covid, but you will find a daily devotion, links to audio services and other information.



COVID HELP  During this time there are a team of volunteers happy to help with shopping, collecting prescriptions dog walking etc. Please call 01540 372102 



Daily Devotions

Thursday 9th

Read Psalm 69 Here is another long Psalm. It is one which is good to mine for five finger words to carry with you. The Psalmist evokes for us the feeling of sinking down, of being overwhelmed by circumstances very well. We hear his cries to God and his reflections on both those who have it in for him and his own conduct. And though he may seem to think pretty highly of himself, he does say “O God, you know my folly; the wrongs I have done are not hidden from you.” (v:5). Perhaps because of this admission he can in the end come to a place of praise. So today admit your folly and wrong so that you too may praise God.

Friday 10th

Read Psalm 70 After two long Psalms, this one is a quick shot out for help to God. It is good to remember that we do not need to make long and flowery prayers for our voice to be heard. As you go through today, maybe it could be a day of quick, heartfelt prayers, bringing God into every situation.

Saturday 11th

Read Psalm 71 Anyone who thinks that the life of faith is peaceful and serene should read the Psalms! Over and over they call on God for help, and run to God for refuge from the storms of life. But while the life of faith does not give us immunity from the storms of life, if it in fact sometimes makes us more vulnerable to them as we seek to live God’s counter-cultural way, it does mean that we have a refuge and a protector. The Psalmist finds real help in turning to God, otherwise this Psalm could not end up in praise of God, with joy and singing as it does. So today walk through the storms with God and sing his praises.

Monday 13th

Read Psalm 72 This Psalm takes us firmly into the realm of past royalty when the king was by his presence expected to bring prosperity and peace to the nation. As Christians, when we read it we can remember that Jesus is the king of the world, enthroned on his cross and exalted in his resurrection. And we can pray for all the blessings listed here to come not just to one nation but to the world as people learn to acknowledge his kingship and follow in his ways.


Sunday Service July 12th

Please enjoy this different way to worship. May you feel blessed and a part of God's family. 

As Catherine is on holiday this week, you can watch a service  from the Moderator . Please click here

If this does not work you can also  find the service on Kingussie church website, here  or go to Kingussieparishchurch.org.uk 

You can read  the service here


Listen to the service by telephone by dialling 01540 210322 (charged at your usual rates)








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