Please note if anyone needs help during this period, a team of local volunteers can help pick up prescriptions or groceries, dog walking etc please find details here


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the Church of Scotland has suspended all gatherings for worship for the next weeks, and we have been advised to keep both churches locked. 

Meanwhile we will post a daily devotional on this page for those who want to spend 5 minutes with God, to use. Each one will include a passage from the Bible to look up and read, a thought and a suggestion for prayer.

There is also a Sunday Service.

Stay safe.


Many people will know Peter Millar who was at one time a Locum Minister at Laggan. He has sent us this refelection for 25th of March, but it can of course be read at any time. Please find it here




  Read Isaiah 43:15-21 again. God wants to have people who will praise him (v:21).  This is not because he is insecure and needs to hear how great he is, or because he is narcissistic.  It is so that other people will hear us praise God and so come to want to know him and live with him as we do.  So ask God to let your life in word, deed and attitude be one of praise today.

Sunday 29th  March,

There is a service to listen to here and words to hymns here Please enjoy this slightly different form of worship.

If you would like to read the words of the service, you will find them here.

We hope that whatever way you choose to use this, you will feel blessed and a part of God's family.




St. Brides Church, Glen Road,

Newtonmore PH20 1DZ







Laggan Church

Laggan, PH20 1AH



Whether planning to join us in one of our regular services or at a special event - such as a concert - or if you need our help in some other way, we hope you will find a genuine welcome and a readiness to help.

Services are held every Sunday at 9.30am in Laggan Church and at 11.30am in St. Brides Church, Newtonmore. You will find further information on our regular services at Church Services. Holy Week services are noted under our Notices. Please find the rota for who is taking the services here.

Information on other imminent activities is located at Notices, on our latest newsletter Feb20 and at the Calendar tab.

Stamp Appeal Please save your stamps to be sent to the World Mission project which this year is to support centres for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities in Ukraine, where our partner church in the Czech Republic has three sister congregations. We would welcome your used stamps please at the church or send to the manse (see contacts)

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