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 The last Sunday of every month will be a joint worship service at 10.30am 30th January 2022 Newtonmore

In line with updated Covid regulations please continue to take lateral flow tests, wear masks, sanitise hands, and observe one metre distancing between households. This way we can continue to meet and keep everyone safe.




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Daily Devotions


Monday 17 January 2022

2 Corinthians Ch 7 v 17 

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come.


Who am I ?

Even tigers and goats can can have an identity crisis!

Goats and Tigers

The story is told of a tiger chasing some goats to catch one for dinner. During the chase, the tiger is injured and as she is dying, gives birth to a tiger cub. The goats had never seen a baby tiger before, so they stopped running to watch and decided to make the motherless cub a member of the goat herd.

As the cub grew, he couldn’t quite get the hang of being a goat. He didn’t have the right teeth for chewing grass, and he liked to sleep in trees instead of on the ground. 


One day, another tiger found the herd and tried to catch a goat for dinner. He happened to see the young tiger, cowering in the brush with the other goats. “What are you doing cringing in the tall grass?”, asked the old tiger. “Hiding from you”, replied the younger.  “Why?” countered the old tiger. “I’m afraid you’ll kill and eat me”, answered the younger tiger. The old tiger just laughed and asked the young cub to come with him to his cave. 

In the cave, the old tiger exposed the young one to all the wonders of being a tiger, like eating meat instead of vegetables (up to this point the young tiger had only eaten grass and other vegetation). After a while, the old tiger showed the younger one just how much alike the two of them were. “You are not a goat. You are a tiger and therefore must act like a tiger. That’s the nature of things”, instructed the old tiger. A silly story yes  but it illustrates how we can have crisis of identity.


Are you a tiger or a goat?

How many people walk about feeling  miserable with their lot in life? 

Like the  goat in our story they are not living their best life.  

Just as the old tiger instructed the younger one, we are reminded time and time again from words in the bible,  as Christians, we have a ready resource we can always go to, not only when the going gets tough but in good times too. If we allow God to  work through us as believers we can replace old routines, habits, and ways of thinking and learn to operate in our new identity.

Prayer day 15 

Proverbs Ch 13  v 11

Dishonest  money dwindles away,

but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.

























 Written Sunday Service January 16th 2022 led by Rev. Mary Ellen Thomson

For those continuing to worship online we hope you feel blessed and  part of God's family.


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