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Laggan Church   

A warm welcome  to our home page. 


Social distancing has been reduced to 1m, but wearing masks, hand sanitising and contact details are still in place.

Services from Sunday 1st August onwards are Laggan 9.30am,

St.Bride's 11.30 am. The last Sunday of every month will be a joint worship service, September 26th will be in Laggan at 10.30 am.

Future services can be found here




Copies of the updated Presbytery Mission Plan are available here and here.

Comments/questions welcome, please send to the Session Clerk who will pass on to Presbytery.






Stated Annual Meeting

There is no SAM this year but a shortened copy of the accounts are available here. If you would like a full copy please email Roy   roy@a9partnership.co.uk





Our latest Church newsletter is available here




Speysound Radio

                              Sundays 3pm weekly Songs of Priase with Graham Atkinson

                              Ist Sunday in the month 5pm The New Normal with Ian Hall, and guests, looking at life issues from a Christian perspective.

More details Speysound.com





Daily Devotions



Psalm 107 v 27 - 28. Monday 20 September 2021

They reeled and staggered like drunkards;

they were at their wits’ end.

Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble,

and he brought them out of their distress.

This Psalm has a theme running through it, regardless of what we do in life we all at some stage are beset with problems of our own making. Our emotions often take over whether it’s worry, anxiety, anger, lack of patience leaving us at our wits when we just can’t see the wood for the trees. It can be at times such as this we can cry out ‘Lord help me’. As Christians we should question ourselves as to why we have left it so long to seek God’s help, when we are told repeatedly throughout the bible of God’s unchanging love in dealing with his people. The Lord promises to help when you ask him.

So next time we are at our wits end……remember God keeps his promises.







Audio Service for Newtonmore, Kingussie and Laggan

We are grateful to all the hard work that has gone into providing a weekly audio service on our websites and on Facebook along with the telephone service for those without an internet connection. Our first online service was on March 22nd 2020 and that seems a long time ago!

We have had a dedicated, team working hard to produce services to listen to, learn and reflect on and to enable us to draw closer to God,

It was originally seen as a short-term measure to have this service, and the decision has been taken to halt the audio services meantime, as restrictions are lifted. However, the team producing the services hope to meet again in September and review the situation and work out the best way to continue our presence on the internet.

We’ll keep you posted on the websites and Facebook as to what will be happening, once we have had our review.

At the service in St.Bride's 12th, and Laggan 19th, there will be a retiral offering for the British Red Cross Afghanistan Appeal. If you would like to give online, details are here


Sunday Service September 19th

For those continuing to worship online we hope you feel blessed and  part of God's family. Our service is led by Rev. Mary Ellen Thomson.

Read the service words here









Although this year we are unable to give in kind we can still support Inverness Foodstuffs through the direct giving link , please click here  and go to Inverness Foodstuff. 










Don't forget to collect stamps for the Women's Development project in Kandy, Sri Lanka. You can read more about this here




























Interim Moderator:

Mary Stewart 01479 810368  maryes@btinternet.com

Locum Minister :

Rev. Mary Ellen Thomson 01540 661772  marythomson835@btinternet.com



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