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Please feel free to leave your comments about my site. Sonia x

I want to look at the relationship between our personal and professional reflections. I believe this is because it is where part of our energy comes from. When we only reflect on the professional this does not reflect where all of our energy comes from. We are motivated by where we have come from in our whole lives not just in the job we’re doing. By reducing reflection to professional reflection we lose this motivation that keeps us going.

I related to this paragraph above because a few incidnece in my own life in my profession and personal has begun a very similar thought process for me. Amazing to have my own thoughts clarified in your writing.
I am fascinated bt your work and look forward to reading more.
Posted by Bonnie Kaplan on 08 March 2010
Thank you for your comments and I am glad you are interested in the research I am doing. I am still devloping the site so more things will evolve as I add more both new and old.
Posted by Sonia Hutchison on 13 March 2010
hi Sonia,
we really like your essay. It makes us feel excited. We wish you all the best success for your research project and look forward to following developments. Laura is really interested in energy and how she works with it with other people. As you know she is a occupational therapist and a young parents worker. It is important to be conscious or mindful of one's own energy, especially if working in a theraputic role as one needs to protect one's elf from 'burnout' as is it known. One also needs pure intentions in order to hold a clear space for people to offload safely. One also needs to learn how to support and give energy without passing on one's own. This is something that we would like to read more about. It is interesting that you draw on eastern meditation practice in your thinking. We recently went on a weekend native American shamanism course which is very focused on energy also.
Brendan is very interested in changing society and the economy and it is interesting that you mention that if we want to change society than people need to be conscious and mindful. He thinks that education is really important in this as so many are unconscious of the actual economic processes that underlie our activities and behavior. We need to be conscious and aware of the mistakes we are making as individuals and collectively so we can learn from them and not repeat them in our future.
Best of luck,
Laura and Brendan
Posted by Laura and Brendan on 07 March 2010

I am so pleased you enjoyed reading my site and your excitement shows this site can increase the flow of energy. I have now added some more writing on the Writings Tab, I think Brendan will particlarly enjoy the view of education piece. Also I think Laura will really enjoy watching the videos and may be inspired to video herself to show how she resonates the energy as she speaks about her values and Brendan for that matter. Also do look at the Links Tab as their is a link to Jack Whiteheads site and he has an enormous amount of inspiring writings on his site.
Lots of Love Sonis x
Posted by Sonia Hutchison on 13 March 2010

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