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August 2009

Celluloid teams complete with the final purchase of a Norwich team. Only four more Urban Arena cards required to complete the set. More teams added to the celluloids team groups page.

May 2009

A new page and rarity rating guide added to the celluloid figures (only my opinion) PLUS a page devoted to celluloid team groups. 

May 2009

Finally I have managed to add a ref 44 celluloid scan. Now only the legendary ref 40 with white shorts is missing from the site.

May 2009

A couple more Urban Arena cards added. Now desperately looking for the Subbuteo celluloid team of Norwich with green shorts - it must be out there somewhere. 

April 2009

Well its been a while but the Urban Arena pages are now updated. I am looking for the following cards 3 7 9 12 36 38 to complete the set.

16th June 2008

The Urban Arena pages have been updated to include individual players and team pages. £10 per player card paid for ones I need and £2 per individual loose player. Click here for page


I not only collect Subbuteo but also all types of football game. I have created a new site to shgowcase my collection. Take a look at for some reall football and childhood nostaliga. This site is work in progress as I have over 300 games to add.

26th April 2008

Loads of new celluloid team images plus a new page on the celluloid goalkeepers. New page on recent Urban Arena figures. Silver and pale blue bases added.

20th April 2008

Mauve base added to base page. More items for sale, New page of photo-realistic oddity and one off cards. The Photo-real Excel spreadsheet has also been updated.

13th April 2008

Anderlecht ref 55 added thanks to Mark Adolph. New items added to the for sale page.

2nd April 2008

All Photo realistic cards now scanned and uploaded. If you have any that are not shown then I will pay HUGE amounts for them as I believe I have the complete set.

The players from the Urban Arena sets are now also wanted. Top prices paid.

29th March 2008

First items added to the For Sale page. Many new photo real cards added to the pages, 11 05 series now complete.

18th March 2008

Welcome to the site. At the moment the only sections with content are the library section and the 'Photo-Real players' section. I am photographing the celluloid players at the moment and will add them in the next few days. 

24th March 2008

The Excel file of photo real players in the library has been updated due to errors.

21st March 2008

Celluloid photos completed - gaps mean I don't have that team and will pay handsomely for it. The first of the base colour images has also been added.

20th March 2008

Plenty of photo-real cards added plus the first celluloid photos added to the team pages.

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