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Hi Russ,

I am married to Gerry Marshall's niece Ann (nee Marshall). She is Fred's daughter who was Gerry's brother. We still see Maureen Murray who who was Gerry's other niece and worked on the door at the Casino. My wife and I still go to soul nights in and around York run by local DJ's usually for charity. we found some of the old posters recently in Maureen's garage. Unfortunately the mice had got to them so I will buy some posters from the web site to replace them for her. Really pleased you are "keeping the faith" with Casino memorabilia. I would be interested if you can tell me the surnames of others on the poster and the ones who are still with us. Best regards, John
Posted by John Aked on 30 January 2015
Casino all-nighters
Hi Russ , I went the Casino in the mid 70s , and was wondering (with good reason)do you know , or have you heard of anyone being left and locked in Mr Ms or the Casino !?! on a Sunday after all-nighter ; i'm curious ? Thanks Steve...a Soulboy !!
Posted by Steve Atherton on 24 June 2012
New CD
Hello Russ..

I am a writer and record producer with Kingdom Come Forever Records in the USA. I would like to submit a CD Album (5 songs) for Airplay Consideration (any track or tracks)

CD Title "Kingdom Come Forever" (not gospel music, but Pop/AC/Soul ) 5tracks featuring

CD Features three acts....5 tracks....New Releases…
Gloria Jones: "Gone With The Wind Is My Love,” new release/original production…
Jimmy McFarland: "Blowing My Mind to Pieces," New Arrangement and the original
The Tiaras: “You're My Man (new version),” and "Love's made a Connection.”

Appreciate some feedback….Also available for phone interviews......if possible.


Links to Kunaki Dist. to purchase CD Album
Links to CDBaby for CD Download/Previews
History Page
Posted by LOU BARRETO on 17 November 2011
Fantastic radio show
Hiya Russ, just wanted to say what a terrific radio show on every saturday 6-8, i religiously listen to it each week, and the soulboy premiere was a fantastic night some great songs on youre dj set..
Posted by nicole blacklaws on 05 September 2010
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