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Session Repertoire

The Fickle Maid Score
Fires at Midnight Score Midi
Hector the Hero  MIDI (D)
Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (Lament for Red Iain) (A)
The Sleeping Tune (Bm)
Auld Lang Syne (D)
The Pearl (D)
Teann a nall (G)
Listening sets
The Snipe score
Lily's March score mp3
Dawning of the Day (D)/Highlander’s Revenge (A)
(MSR) - Man’s a Man (G)/ Whistle oer the Lave (G)/ Rantin Rovin Robin (D)
Charlie is my Darlin (Em)
(S&R) - Diamond Stockings (Bm)/High Rd to Linton (D) (yes, D!)
Short Coated Mary (strathspey & reel) MIDI/Trip to Pakistan (Em)
Tobacco Tune (Dm) – song and tune
Dannsa na dhannsa - score midi
Fear a Choire - score midi
Rhona's Waltz Score midi
Ae Fond Kiss (D)/Banks & Braes(G)/Red Red Rose(D)
Erin Shore (D)/Arran Boat Song  MIDI MP3 (Em)
Stronsay Waltz (A)/Starry Nights in Shetland (D)
Burns waltzes: Ae Fond Kiss (D)/Ye Banks & Braes (G)/Red Red Rose (D)
Caol Muile (Iona Boat Song) (A)/ Lovely Stornoway (A)/ Morag of Dunvegan (D)
Sine Bhan (Fair Jean) (G)/Skye Boat Song (G)/ Dream Angus (A)
Aly’s Waltz (F)
Sophie's Waltz (C)/Black Velvet Waltz (C)
My Cape Breton Home/Miss Rowan Davies (G) Score Midi
Flett from Flotta (A) Score Midi / Hunters Hill (A) Score Midi
Top o' the Town (D) Score Midi
Loch Lomond (G)/Mairi’s Wedding (A)/ Katie Bairdie (A)
Scotland the Brave (D)
Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle (A)/Glengarry March (A)
Retreat Marches
Chi mi Muile (D)
Rhonda's Reel Score
Patrick's Reel (Em) Score Midi
Malts in the Optics/Gentle Milkmaid Score Midi
Hopeful Lover/Highland Donald Score Midi
Hoch, Hey Bonny Lad Score Midi
Barrowburn Reel (D)
Cockle Gatherers (D)/Cota Mor Ealasaid (Elizabeth’s Big Coat) MIDI (A)/ Put me in the great chest (A)/Keel Row (A)
Reel of Black Cocks/The Famous Bridge/Buntata ‘s Sgadan (A)
Jimmy Allen (D)/Aitken Drum (G)/Bonnie Tammie Scolla (A)
Och is duine truagh mi (O I am a poor man) (D)/Skye Dance (D)
Shetland Reel(Am)/Up Downy (Em)
Domhnall Beag (A)/Famous Bridge (A)/Sgadan is Buntata (A)
Chuir I gluinn air a bhodach (She put a knee on the old man)(Em/Am) – strath & reel
Kesh Jig (G)/Shandon Bells (D)
Off She Goes (D) Score
Jacksons Score
Rocking the Baby (A)/Jig Runrig (D)
Tenpenny Bit (Am)
Boys in the Puddle (A)/Snug in a Blanket (D) MIDI , tho’ often played in G
Calum’s Road (D)/Hut on Staffin Island (D)
Galway Hornpipe (D)/Harvest Home (D)
Egan’s Polka (D)/John Ryan’s Polka (D)
Swedish Masquerade-March/waltz/polka (G)
Ukelele Workshop
MSR = march, strathspey & reel
S&R = strathspey & reel

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