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At the time of this recording it could not have known that it would be the final full length radio interview that Reginald Dixon MBE gave before his passing in 1980. It has never been heard since it was first broadcast. Enjoy the personal journey he takes the listener on, and recall with affection a host of personal messages from organists who offer their own Birthday greeting to this iconic Master of the WurliTzer – MR BLACKPOOL.

During WW2 Reginald Dixon volunteered to serve King and Country, but with every intention to under play (!) his burgeoning popularity as Blackpool’s Tower organist. Shortly after signing up his background was revealed and although he never joined ENSA [Entertainment National Service Association] a lot of his spare time was spent entertaining his fellow servicemen, servicewomen and Officers with a hastily formed Quintet...later to be increased to that of the Septet in these rare, restored and never heard before 78rpm transcriptions. The sessions were all made at the famous Abbey Road Studios, with Reg forsaking a Hammond organ for that of the studio’s Compton theatre organ...an instrument he is on record as saying he did not like very much. This video is a companion to REGINALD DIXON REMEMBERED



How many of you remember this famous BBC Radio programme?

 Back in the 50s the programme visited the Midlands Town of Wellingborough and included the first ever interview with a cinema projectionist.  This short but fascinating audio recording has been brought up to date with a selection of appropriate photographs taken in the Lyric Cinema. It includes a recording of organist Sidney Torch at the Regal, Edmonton. 


This short video recreates, with the aid of a superb scale model of the original Compton, the sight and sound of the lovely organ that once was part of daily entertainment at the cinema.

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