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1) "Box the Hill House" Appeal




1) Hill of Tarvit

£850 - Interpretation Cards

2) Kellie Castle

£1,350 - Arrival Leaflets

3) The Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre 

£850 - Picnic Bench

£200 - Mobile Phone Apps



1) The Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre

£192  - 2 School Visit Programme Trolleys

E-mail From : Francesca Mackay   


Dear Sandy and Margaret,

Thank you very much for your generous contribution towards Bannockburn’s School Visit programme. Your kind donation of the full amount required to purchase the two trolleys required will greatly benefit the day-to-day running of the programme.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us.

Kind regards,


Dr Francesca Mackay, PhD
Learning Officer                
The National Trust for Scotland
The Battle of Bannockburn - Glasgow Road - STIRLING -  FK7 0LJ


2) Threave Gardens

£ 500 Garden tools for students

£800 RHS Gardening library books

 £1,800 Log splitter

3) Robert Smail's Printing Works

£265  7 Dunathene handrollers

£500 Digital photo frame and stand

4) Holmwood House

£500 Children's costume/Prop box

5) National Museum of Rural Life

£400 Reid room costumes and toys



1) The Battle of Bannockburn Centre

£9,862 - Case to house the Borestone where Robert the Bruce is said to have placed his standard at Bannockburn

£1,290 – Hands on equipment for visiting schoolchildren

2) Hill House, Helensburgh

 £1,000 - Furniture Appeal

3) Ben Lawers

£650 - for Low Pressure Tracks
£200 -  for tools for Young Naturalist Club Members carrying out work

Image of children from the ‘Green Team’ nature club, making use of garden tools. .


4) Branklyn Gardens

£1,000 + £400 - Plant labels

5) David Livingston Centre

£700 - Plants and Tools

Letter of thanks from Iain Siekman

Dear Members,

I am writing to thank you for the very generous donation of £700 that you made to the David Livingstone Centre.  I have been working with the Garden's Advisor, Ann Steele, over the last year to formulate a plan. I am pleased to say that we have now spent the majority of the money on a total of 120 plants that have now been planted in the Explorer's Garden at the David Livingstone Centre.

The planting has been all carried out by volunteers of which I am one. We have actually been working in the Explorer's Garden for a number of years now, mainly cutting hedges, pulling out weeds and general maintenance tasks. The Explorer's Garden has not received any professional attention since 2008 when the property was put under threat of closure and the gardener left. It is really nice to have received your donation to fill in some of the blank spaces that appeared over the years.

As you will probably be aware, the museum has now closed pending the major renovation that is planned. As a result the council who maintained other parts of the garden has scaled back their presence on the site but I hope our volunteers can pick up the slack. We currently only work at weekends but we are hoping next year to trial a group which will work during the week.

The plan is to keep the shop and cafe open during the renovation and I hope we can maintain the grounds in good enough condition to make it worthwhile for people to continue to visit the Centre over the period of the renovation.

Please find attached some photographs of volunteers working at the Centre.


Thank-you once again for your generosity.

Yours sincerely,


Iain Siekman
Garden Volunteer Project Leader (David Livingstone Centre)


6) Alloa Tower

£500 - Educational Visits

7 Culross Palace

£600 - Wooden Tables for Tearoom


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