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North Bay Pagan Fellowship

Is Welcoming Pagans of all Paths:
• Wiccans
• Reconstructionists
• Heathens (Asatru, Scandinavian, Germanic paths)
• Polytheists
• Druids
• Shamans
• Non-Christian Monotheists
• Eclectic
• Buddhists
• Traditional Witchcraft
• Hedge Witchcraft
• Etc.

Mission Statement
This organization exists for four main reasons:
• To connect pagans in the North Bay area thus developing a community of our own
• To raise awareness of the existence and true nature of Paganism
• To help interested individuals learn of alternatives outside of traditional North American religion
• To guide any newcomers to a Pagan faith through their learning phase

Important Update

This organization is on hold until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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