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Technical Info

Hunting Percival P.84 Jet Provost T.3A

The Jet Provost T Mk 3A is a single engined low wing basic training aircraft with an unpressurised cockpit containing 2 side-by side type 4PA ejection seats. 

A Rolls Royce Viper Mk 102 turbo jet engine is in the fuselage behind the cockpit and is supplied with air from 2 intakes, 1 on each side of the cockpit.A single jet pipe extends to the tail.Fuel is carried in pressurised wing tanks and wing tip tanks and fed to the engine by an electrically operated booster pump. 

An engine driven pump supplies hydraulic pressure for the operation of the retractable landing gear, wheel brakes, flaps and air brakes. An engine driven 28 volt DC generator supplies the aircraft electrical system which is supported by 2 x 24 volt batteries.

Principal Dimensions:
Length: 32ft 5”
Span (with tip tanks): 36ft 11”
Height: 10ft 2”
Engine Data:
Engine:  Rolls Royce Viper Mk 102
Type:  Axial flow, annular combustion chamber
Fuel System:
F-34 (Jet A1) Total capacity of 2150lbs (281 imperial gallons)
Max Speed:
440 miles per hour (350 knots Vne)
G Accelerations:
Positive G 6g
Negative G -2.5g

Max Weights:
MTOW 7600lbs
Cross Wind Limitations:
Dry Runway: 30 knots
Wet Runway 25 knots

Infomation taken from the aircraft manual

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