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Katys last photo 30th Nov 23 she died 1st Dec 2pm heart failure


Katy Wed 29th Nov 23 looking at her last Christmas tree being put upKaty wanting to come up on the sofa

1st Nov 22

Katy in new dog bed 7th July 23

Katy 26th June 2023 out in buggy

Portsdown Hill waiting for Dad's operation 23rd May 2023

Katy 10th Birthday

Nibble of Eclair

katy 10th birthday

Katy 9yrs Abergavenny Nov 2022Katy a blenheim Cavalier King Charles.

Born in Burgess Hill, Sussex on 17th May 2013 in a litter of 5 puppies. 4 girls and 1 boy.

Here Katy is about 2 years old posing for the camera.

Katy is an excitable Cavalier who enjoys running after Bess my other Cavalier out on their walks together. She likes going in the car, but does expect to go everywhere in 10 mins. She hasn't been travel sick yet, but does try to look out of the window.

Katy hates water and backs off from it unless she is desperate. As an alternative, she has Nanny Care goats milk which is as close to the mothers milk as you can get, and Volvic flavoured water to keep her hydrated sufficiently. 

The summer of 2015 she was micro chipped, and later in  Oct of the same year she was nuetered. The operation went well, leaving a scar of just over an inch long. Katy left the vets for 5pm and still a bit drowsy, but the same night she insisted on jumping on my bed before I could stop her.

The next day, Katy was bouncing about, you wouldn't have thought she had, had an operation. The vet checked her after 3 days and then after 10 days, everything started to heal and was perfect. All the concerns and worries were over, and Katy wouldn't be coming into season again.

Katy 9yrs old

Crickhowell Bridge

Katy 8weeks 2013

Katy 9yrs Xmas 2022

North Wales July 2022 Buedy Hywel



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