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Season 2008 - 2009 

31 July 2008: In partnership with Greyfriars Church Nevsky Vocal Ensemble from St Petersburg, Russia in Greyfriars Church, Lanark.   Click here for their biography or visit the Nevsky Vocal Ensemble web site for more information.

3rd October 2008: Violinist Aidan Broadbridge and Jonathan Cohen, piano: Greyfriars Church, Lanark. Click here for Aidan Broadbridge's web site.    Click here for their programme on the night.

14th November 2008: Piano, Viola and Cello trio KUNGSBACKA: Greyfriars Church, Lanark. Click here for their biography or visit the KUNGSBACKA web site for more information.   Click here for their programme on the night.

7th December 2008: Tommy Smith Jazz Trio including Tommy on saxophone,  Arild Andersen on bass and Paolo Vinaccia on drums: Greyfriars Church, Lanark. Click here for Tommy's biography or visit Tommy Smith's web site for more information.

17 February 2009: Alba Quartet: Greyfriars Church . Click here for their biography or visit the Alba Quartet web site for more information.

7th January 2009: Scottish Chamber Choir: Greyfriars Church, Lanark.  Clich here for the Scottish Chamber Choir's web site.

7th March 2009: Folk night with North Sea Gas: the Agricultural Centre, Lanark.  Click here for their biography or visit the North Sea Gas web site for more information.

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