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Local Walks ~

photo © wootton

Numerous tracks wind away from Montejaque through mountains, cork forests and farmland, where you can enjoy spectacular scenery undisturbed by traffic and everyday noise. The local countryside is part of the Grazalema Natural Park and is a paradise for botanists and ornithologists.

Walking for all levels of ability is available throughout the mountains, using trails and tracks that have been in existence in some cases for hundreds of years; you really capture the feeling that you have stepped back in time. Nature has been seemingly left to its own devices, and the area is a treasure trove for those interested in flora and fauna, set against an azure sky with Griffon Vultures soaring on the warm air rising from the steep mountain slopes - a photographer's dream.

A myriad of trails and tracks greet the serious walker who will undoubtedly find the longer distance trails both a challenge and pleasure, in surroundings that have a unique quality.
The Andalucian Mountains surrounding Montejaque are: Tavizna (899m), Hacho (1065m) and El Pico de la Ventana (1298m). Most routes start at the top of the village and the limestone provides good grip but can be very sharp - good footwear is essential.


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