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In the Library - click on the Tab on the left of the screen - are some articles about various people - some dead, some not ! - that I found interesting - and you may too..

Bill Seymour - An obituary to be proud of.

Pamela Hambro - and the lost world of Milton Abbey

Phil Blake - Tuning in

Eric “Winkle” Brown - Test Pilot extra-ordinaire

Lady Penelope - The original, at the Court of Elizabeth I

Potato Jones - Blockade runner in the Spanish Civil War

Joseph Smith - Texan in the Rhodesian Light Infantry

Henriette Clifford - A life worth living

Molly Briggs / Countess Gravina - What a woman !


And - there is information on various families that I have accumulated :-

The NEGUS family is connected to me, but not related, so does not appear in my Family Tree, except as individuals.  However, I have accummulated some NEGUS information that may be of interest to others.  You will find it in the Library - click on that Tab on the left of your screen..

I came across the eulogy given by James Clarkson at the funeral of his grandmother, Eileen Barbara Clarkson, in May 2005.  It piqued my interest, for virtually no mention was made of her husband. An excursion onto the InterNet produced some more informtion, that might be of interest to someone.  All this is in files in the Clarkson section of the Library - click on the link on the left of your screen.


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