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Full Ensemble

Concerti in C and G major                                                 T. Albinoni

Quintets Op. 11                                                                   J.C.Bach

Overture No. 5 in D                                                           M. Greene

'Farewell' Symphony                                     (arr. G. Tocher) J. Haydn

'London' Symphony                                        (arr. Salomon) J. Haydn

Concerto in B flat                                                           J.C. Pepusch

Concerto in C                                                                     A. Vivaldi

Quartets and Trios

 'Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring'   (flute, oboe, spinet)                  J.S. Bach

Trio Sonata in A minor (strings)                                     D. Buxtehude

Trio (flute,oboe, piano)                                                        M. Dring

Trios in C and D (flute, violin, piano)                                    J. Quantz

Quartet in F (violin, flute, oboe, spinet)                        J.C. Schickhard

Quartets in F and G (wind and strings)                            G. Telemann

Duos and Solos

Violin Concertinos                                                                 O Reiding

'Le "Rossignol en Amour" - solo spinet                              F. Couperin

'Syrinx' - solo flute                                                         C. Debussy



This is a selection to give you an idea of the wide range of our repertoire.  There are many more pieces to choose from and we are happy to discuss programmes with you to find the best combination for your concert.


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