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Past Events


Tcha Limberger’s Kalotaszeg trio

Musiques des villages de la Transylvanie

Laments, Czardas’ and Szaporas from the Transylvanian region of Kalotaszeg with the beautiful voice and violin playing of Tcha Limberger.

Tcha Limberger has become recognised as one of the most prominent and important figures in folk music of the Carpathian Basin. His trio concentrates on the style considered to be the most beautiful of all Hungarian music and accompanying him the two highest regarded musicians of modern times, Berki Viktor on bass, and Toni Rudi on Brac.

Limberger, who studied under the great Neti Sandor, came to love the most so much he went to live there giving international workshops with his most recent CD recorded in the village hall.

This music is little known and I will play it as it is meant to be played. It follows the lives of many from baptism to the grave. It celebrates their communal existence and brings people together in the community of Kalotaszeg.
Tcha Limberger


A Paines Plough & Pentabus Production in association with the Jersey Arts Trust and Nabakov

Every Brilliant Thing - by Duncan Macmillan and Jonny Donahoe

You’re six years old. Mum’s in hospital. Dad says she’s ‘done something stupid’. She finds it hard to be happy.

You start to make a list of everything that’s brilliant about the world.

Everything that’s worth living for.

1. Ice Cream

2. Kung Fu Movies

3. Burning Things

4. Laughing so hard you shoot milk out your nose

5. Construction cranes

6. Me

You leave it on her pillow. You know she’s read it because she’s corrected your spelling.

Soon, the list will take on a life of its own.

A new play about depression and the lengths we will go to for those we love.

Each performance of Every Brilliant Thing involves members of the audience, making every night unique.


Tortoise in a Nutshell:


An innovative performance combining puppetry, object manipulation, immersive soundscapes and multimedia technology, Feral holds a community under the microscope and dissects it in front of its audience’s eyes. Joe looks back at the home of his childhood and traces its journey from idyllic seaside town to community gripped by anarchy.

A cross art form piece, Feral seamlessly blends film and live performance. Puppeteers manipulate and bring to life a tiny world, whilst simultaneously creating a live animation, as they follow it’s every breath via digital camera.

Debuting at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Feral was a runaway success, winning huge audience praise, a Scotsman Fringe First and a nomination for a Total Theatre award. Since then the production has toured throughout Scotland, the UK and internationally, as well as returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014 as part of the Made in Scotland showcase.


Birds of Paradise Theatre Company:

Crazy Jane

"She dances. She dances alone. Always alone. Always twisting away just out of reach – ever beyond your touch, beyond your embrace, beyond your gaze"...

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company present the world premier of Crazy Jane - the story of Jane Avril, star of the Moulin Rouge and immortalised in Toulouse Lautrec's iconic posters.

Jane invites you in to her life where she will tell you of her extraordinary journey from the back streets and brothels of Paris via the asylum wards of the Salpêtrière Asylum and on to the palace of women, the Moulin Rouge. Join her, Professor Charcot and his junior staff Drs Freud, Tourette, Jung and Alzheimer in the waltz of modern psychiatry, popularly known as The Fools Dance.

Crazy Jane is a spectacular theatre, dance event with an original razor sharp score by Scottish hip hop artists Hector Bizerk.



Right Lines Productions:

Rapid Departure

Rapid Departure – the brand new immersive comedy from Right Lines!
The surrounding area has been hit by a freak flood and the locals (the audience) are guided to the safety of the Village Hall, the designated Emergency Rest Censtre. Environmental calamities are on the increase and extreme weather conditions can arise at any moment. The question is, how would we all cope? Plunged into the fraught world of the rural Rest Centre, the evacuees and officials grapple with the ever-deepening crisis both outside the Hall – and in!
Right Lines can always be relied upon to make a drama out of a crisis. In this evening of immersive comedy, our five characters are desperately trying to keep their heads above water as the Emergency Plan is swept away before their very eyes!



Piatti Quartet

The Piatti String Quartet are amongst the UK’s foremost young string quartets, with a host of awards and a critically-acclaimed recording to their name. They have performed in all the major venues around the country including a live BBC Radio 3 broadcast from the Wigmore Hall; the Quartet has also appeared in Australia, Spain, Austria, Ireland, France, Switzerland and Holland.

The Piatti are winners of the St Martin in the Fields Competition, a Martin Musical Fund/Philharmonia Scholarship, multiple Hattori Foundation awards, and the St.Peter’s Prize. The Quartet spent two years as Leverhulme Fellows at the Royal Academy of Music and have received both Tunnel Trust and Countess of Munster awards. Park Lane Group have also supported the group extensively, with a concert tour and a recording on their Classical Label. Other recordings have been released on the Linn Records and Champs Hill labels including a CD of three Mozart piano concerti in their rarely heard chamber versions with Austrian pianist Gottlieb Wallisch.

The Piatti Quartet has been actively engaged in expanding the repertoire with newly-commissioned works from British composers such as Joseph Phibbs, Richard Birchall and Jacques Cohen to be premiered next season. Other forthcoming plans include a residency at the Rye Festival, tours of Scotland and Ireland and new recording projects. They have been fortunate to study at the Reina Sofia Institute in Madrid with Günter Pichler and have also worked with members of the Chilingirian, Doric and Hagen Quartets.

The Quartet takes its name from the great 19th-century cellist Alfredo Piatti, who was a leading professor at the the Royal Academy of Music.

The Quartet played works by Mozart, Ravel and Beethoven at this Lochan event.



The Kaleidoscope Saxophone Quartet

The Kaleidoscope Saxophone Quartet is an innovative collaboration between four versatile young artists. The group's approach makes use of the diverse talents of its members, creatively combining musical performance, composition and film. Trained at top UK conservatoires including the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the Royal Northern College of Music, the quartet is steeped in the British saxophone tradition, with a broad, resonant, vocal sound and an energetic, communicative performing ethos.

The group encapsulates a vast array of artistic skills: Award-winning saxophonist and composer John Moore; multifaceted musician and photographer/film-maker Ian Dingle; folk and jazz-influenced contemporary saxophonist Guy Passey; and multiple-award-winning chamber musician and concert soloist Sally MacTaggart. Collectively the group have performed with the European Union Youth Orchestra, Park Lane Group, the World Saxophone Congress and prestigious venues including Wigmore Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, St.John Smith Square and Royal Albert Hall.

As well as their work in music and film, the quartet is committed to the creation and performance of new music, and has commissioned and premiered works from an array of composers, whilst also possessing an extensive repertoire of the best of traditional saxophone music.

Recent successes for the group include being named as Tunnell Trust Artists for the 2014/15 season, winning the Guildhall School's June Emerson Launchpad Prize in 2013, and the premiering of new quartets by Samuel-Quartermaine Smith,  Michael Cryne and John Moore at the Forge in October.

The quartet performed works by Rameau, Grieg, Piazzolla, Barbara Thompson, Debussy, Michael Nyman and Gershwin.





Paul Mckenna & Outside Track:

Paul McKenna

Since being warded the title of “Best Up and Coming Artist of 2009″ at the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards, The Paul McKenna Band have gone from strength to strength touring extensively throughout USA, Canada and Europe.

Combining their love for Folk and Traditional music, as well as original songs and tunes; The Paul McKenna Band from Scotland has been captivating audiences with live performances of their new album, titled ‘Stem the Tide’, out now on Greentrax Records.

With a contemporary approach to songs, although not straying too far from their roots, their arrangements are both fresh and innovative. The exciting sound of The Paul McKenna Band is created through outstanding Vocals, driving Guitar and Bouzouki, intense fiddle playing, a warm pairing of flute and whistles and dynamic bodhrán and percussion.

"The best folk band to have come out of Scotland in the last twenty years” - New York Times

“The best band of their generation” - The Living Tradition

“A band with the potential to dominate the Scottish/Irish traditional scene for the next twenty years” - Fatea Magazine


Outside Track

Winner of Best Group in both the Live Ireland awards and the TIR awards, The Outside Track are one of the top Celtic acts in the world. A stunning synthesis of virtuosity and energy, their marriage of Celtic music, song, dance has been rapturously received around the world. Hailing from Scotland, Ireland, and Cape Breton, its five members are united by a love of traditional music and a commitment to creating new music on this as a foundation. They effortlessly fuse traditional and contemporary with winning joie de vivre. Recently joined by acclaimed singer Aoife Scott, the next generation of the legendary Black Family from Ireland, they blend fiddle, accordion, harp, guitar, whistle, step-dance and vocals with breathtaking vitality.


Cat's Club with Cathie Rae

Cat’s Club is led by critically acclaimed singer Cathie Rae and features some of Scotland’s finest jazz musicians including award winners; Graeme Stephen on guitar, Paul Harrison on piano / organ, technically gifted Brazilian bassist Mario Caribe and Young Scottish Jazz Musician finalist 2014 John Lowrie on drums. 


Angus Lyon & Duncan Lyall - New Voices Tour:

'3G' and 'Infinite Reflections'

'3G' - Angus Lyon

This new instrumental triptych 3G evokes the overlapping experiences of three generations, from grandfather to grandson, exploring the cyclical interplay of tradition and modernity. “The idea behind this music was to explore the notion that a lot of who you are comes from those who went before you. Like each generation of a family, these three parts of music have their own individual voices and ideas but are ultimately influenced by what’s happened before. So much has changed in the space of only a few generations and I wanted the music to represent that transition in the style and attitude of the different parts” 

'Infinite Reflections' - Duncan Lyall

The work is a soundtrack to an infinite number of stories. While writing the music Duncan drew inspiration from memories, and cultural references that resonated with him. He explored experiences of friendship, adventure, surrealism, love, loss, determination, grit and happiness. Narrative is omitted in the hope that the audience will create a story of their own.


The Ceilidh House & Heritage Centre, Corran, 8pm (concert - free)

Sotho Sounds present:

Junk Funk

'Our songs are the heartbeat of our land. We have made music from nothing. We are proud. We are strong. We are on our journey in life. We want to share our music with you.'

Sotho Sounds ('the funky shepherds') are musicians from the Kingdom of Lesotho in South Africa. They are known to make pure, raw organic roots music with instruments made from throwaway junk (wood, wire, tin cans, metal). They are coming to Scotland as part of Glasgow 2014′s cultural programme with the Commonwealth Games.


COMAR  presents a Mull Theatre production:

Whisky Galore

A night of riotous comedy as four hapless but frightfully nice actors in evening dress gather in a 1940s BBC drama studio, where they use their skills, wit, ingenuity and 100 unlikely sound effects and props to recreate the hilarious story of the valiant people of the Island of Todday. It’s WW2 and due to rationing, there is not a drop of whisky to be had. Then the SS Cabinet Minister runs aground and the crew has to abandon the cargo ­- 50,000 cases of the best quality export whisky!  (Part of Homecoming Scotland 2014 Whisky Month).


Cuillin Sound: Sarah Watts (clarinets) & Laurence Perkins (bassoon) 

Two members of the woodwind trio Cuillin Sound present a programme of live music and Poetry.

Sarah Watts (clarinets) and Laurence Perkins (bassoon) bring together an hour-long performance of some of the most iconic poetry of the British Isles, alongside music specially chosen or written to complement the words. The concert features ‘Screapadal’ by Sorley MacLean in a new musical setting composed by Sarah Watts. Other poems include ‘The Seafarer’ – one of the earliest examples of English Literature – and classic poems by Oscar Wilde – with the music of Poulenc – and William Wordsworth (alongside a traditional folk-style musical setting by Lancashire-based composer Robin Walker).


Birds of Paradise Theatre

Wendy Hoose by Johnny McKnight, directed by Robert Softley Gale

Wendy Hoose is the love story of Jake and Laura. Of course in 2014, love means a drunken booty call late on a Friday night.
"I thought you were round for a shag. That we were both getting a shag.  And that was it.  No complications.  No pish."

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company and Random Accomplice present Wendy Hoose, a frank and riotous comedy about two twenty-somethings searching for love in all the wrong places. When nothing is ever as you'd expect it to be and no one is as honest as you'd like them to be, getting your leg over is actually impossible.


Touring Network event: Ipdip Theatre

Head Inside the Clouds

 - a tale of woolly dreamers. The sheep look down, the sheep look round. One sheep looks up and sees the clouds…Enter Cirrus the collie!  A delightful, interactive play for babies, toddlers and their families. 


Touring Network event: Lucy E Boyes and Robbie Synge Dance Production

The Past inside the Present

 - based on experiences of investigating the nature of memory. Featuring outstanding performers in their 60’s and 70’s in a performance of gathering and assembly; departure and absence; holding on and letting go.


Touring Network event: Gramophones Theatre Co.

Playful Acts of Rebellion

Inspired by Courageous Protesters who risk everything for what they believe in, three women resolve to stop their ineffectual moaning and to find layful ways ot stand up fro what they believe in. But how does trying to save the world end up changing us? 12+

(Previous and future venues include Nottingham Playhouse, Derby Theatre, MacPhail Ctr, Durness, Resolis, Harrogate Theatre, Curve Theatre, Bike-Shed Theatre)



- featuring Mr McFall’s String Quintet plus the fabulous Gaelic singer Maeve Mackinnon.  New works of music and words by Amble Skuse, Ailie Robertson, Mike Vass, Sophie Cooke, Angus Peter Campbell, Charlotte Murray and Rebecca Sharp. 

Robertson/Sharp - For the bees 

Vass/Murray - After Niall Sgrob 

Skuse/Campbell/Cooke - Clachan Beò 

Produced by Remembered/Imagined 
Creative Producer Amble Skuse 

Presenting seven of Scotland’s creative artists as you’ve never seen them before…

Four new works are interwoven with beautiful traditional repertoire and poetry, creating a performance that captures the riches of our cultural history through music and words with live instrumental, vocal and electronic sound.

Scottish traditional musicians and composers Amble Skuse, Ailie Robertson and Mike Vass have teamed up with writers Angus Peter Campbell, Sophie Cooke, Rebecca Sharp and Charlotte Murray to create new works of music and words inspired by the archive at The School of Scottish Studies, housed in the University of Edinburgh. The archive is a treasure trove of recordings of songs, music, tales, verse, customs, beliefs and oral history.

Performed by singer Maeve Mackinnon, actor Angus Peter Campbell, electronic artist Amble Skuse and the strings of Mr McFall’s Chamber.

Remembered/Imagined is produced by Amble Skuse in partnership with Mr McFall’s Chamber, The University of Edinburgh School of Scottish Studies and Hands Up For Trad’s Distil. It is supported by Creative Scotland, The Robertson Trust, PRSF Women Make Music, Highland Council, National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music, An Lochan and Summerhall.


Mull Theatre / Theatre Gu Leòr / Òran Mór co-production

Doras Dùinte by Catriona Lexy Campbell
Rough Island by Nicola McCartney

A touring double-bill of suspense-filled contemporary drama in Gàidhlig and English.

Doras Dùinte
by Catriona Lexy Campbell
Alone on a stormy night in an isolated house in the West Highlands, Lydia Ross awaits her new lodger, Guthrie … but he is maybe not quite what she had in mind.  A contemporary thriller with animation and a haunting soundscape. In Gàidhlig with English surtitles. Directed by Muireann Kelly and starring the author herself, Catriona Lexy Campbell on her home turf.

Rough Island
by Nicola McCartney
On the last night of the summer holidays on a beach on a tidal island, four young friends had a party. Only three of them came back. Thirty years later, the three survivors stand on that same beach and search for the answer to what happened that night. In English with Gàidhlig surtitles. Directed by Alasdair McCrone.

Allan Neave & Robert Irvine Duo: Guitar & Cello

These two musicians of remarkable sensitivity and authority delight audiences with a diverse repertoire ranging from the stately baroque to the fiery passion of Spain, the Americas and beyond.

Allan Neave (Guitar) has worked with many influential musicians including Nikita Koshkin, Edward McGuire, Hans Werner Henze, Gordon McPherson and Stephen Dodgson. He has been Artistic Director of the Dundee International Guitar Festival since its inception. In 2000 he received the Scotland on Sunday Glenfiddich ® Spirit of Scotland Award for Music. These awards were set up to recognise individuals who lead the way in Scottish culture. Allan was recently appointed Senior Lecturer in Strings and Head of Guitar Studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (formerly RSAMD) in Glasgow.

Robert Irvine  (Cello) was born in Glasgow, and has played with the Philharmonia Orchestra, the Britten Pears Orchestra, the Brindisi Quartet, the Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields and Scottish Opera Orchestra.
After returning to Scotland in 1990, he formed the Chamber Group of Scotland with Sally Beamish and James MacMillan, performing and broadcasting a wide range of music both chamber and solo. He has performed in concerts and recitals throughout the UK, including the Cheltenham Festival, St Magnus Festival, Gloucester, Norwich, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness, as well as several European festivals.
He has recorded several CDs, including the complete cello works of Sally Beamish for the Swedish label BIS, which received high critical acclaim, including being rated CD of the month in the Gramophone magazine in December 2001. He is senior professor of Cello and Chamber Music, and Head of Cello Studies at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire (formerly RSAMD) in Glasgow.

Eduardo Niebla – Flamenco guitarist

In a career spanning four decades, guitar virtuoso and composerEduardo Niebla has been acclaimed as one of the most potent forces in flamenco jazz fusion today. And his highly lyrical style, with explorations into Indian, Arabic and classical music, has resulted in the most electrifying, brilliant and poignantly poetic guitar playing on the world circuit.

His concert appearances have included the Cairo & Tbilisi International Jazz Festivals, the Jaipur Festival India, the Queen Elizabeth Hall London, the Odessa Jazz Carnival, the Olympic Games Greece, the San Isidro Fiesta Madrid, Glastonbury and the Brecon International Jazz Festivals, as well as extensive concert tours to Europe, the Baltic States, the Middle East and South Africa. 

It’s a journey which has led to many collaborations with artists across the globe including jazz saxophonist Lol Coxhill, Indian maestros Nishat & Wajahat Khan, Deepak Ram (bamboo flute) Kala Ramnath (Indian violin) & Purbayan Chatterjee (sitar), as well as flamenco bass pioneer Carles Benavent, his brother Salvador Niebla (drums), the spiritual gypsy singer and percussionist Paban Das Baul, Palestinian oud player Adel Salameh, electronic global phenomenon Juno Reactor, the Dante String Quartet and pop musicians George Michael and Craig David.

“A display of supernatural talent…and a spellbinding mixture of flamenco and modern jazz, bursting with obvious passion and verve.” (The Spectator)

“The versatility with which he imbues his guitar is truly breathtaking, whether performing his poignantly poetic melodies or accompanying a truly fabulous transcontinental performance. “ (The Scotsman)



Eden Court & Dundee Rep Ensemble
Promises Promises – by Douglas Maxwell

Retired teacher Maggie Brodie knows she was a last minute choice for supply cover – given her past. Being spoken down to by the young idiotic headmaster is an indignity she can just about cope with. But her frustrations increase when a silent Somalian child in her class, whom Maggie is curiously drawn to, is believed by her family and ‘head of the community’ to be possessed. Maggie seems to be the only one who is outraged and protective of the girl. And if they don’t listen to her, she will be forced to take action. Drastic action.

Originally from Brora, Ann Louise Ross has been a member of Dundee Rep Ensemble for the past 12 years. She won a CATS Award for Best Female Performance her role in Further Than The Furthest Thing, also with Dundee Rep Ensemble. Her TV and film credits include; Trainspotting, Acid House Trilogy, The Key, The Bill, Rebus, Hamish MacBeth plus numerous radio broadcasts. Ann Louise has recently completed work on the new TV series based on the Katie Morag books by Mairi Hedderwick.

Douglas Maxwell was born in 1974 in Girvan, a small town on the Ayrshire coast. For a decade he has been one of the most popular and produced playwrights in Scotland.

'Stunning' - The Scotsman ****

Mull Theatre

The Drawer Boy – by Michael Healey

Part comedy, part mystery, part tragedy, The Drawer Boy tells of Miles, a young actor armed with a notebook who turns up on the doorstep of farmers Morgan and Angus in rural Ontario, offering to work in exchange for inspiration for his play.

Miles soon finds himself embroiled in their complex and intricate personal histories, as he uncovers a tragic past, riddled with guilt, secrecy, heartbreak and loss.
A complex, warm-hearted, multi-layered play, which won huge acclaim when it first opened in Canada. This is the first time it has toured Scotland.

Tamsin Waley-Cohen (violin) & Bartholomew LaFollette (cello)

Johann Sebastian Bach: Inventions 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 13

Maurice Ravel: Sonata for Violin and Cello

Zoltan Kodaly: Duo for Violin and Cello

"Vaughan Williams' The Lark Ascending thinned out the concert platform to which was added the soloist Tamsin Waley-Cohen who gave the finest Lark I have ever heard whether in concert, on radio or on recording... one of those moments in time" - Rob Barnett: Seen and Heard International (George Lloyd anniversary, St John's Square), June 2013

"Bartholomew LaFollette was spellbinding in Sibelius's impressive and rarely heard Malincolia Opus 20 and fully captivating in Stravinsky's Suite Italienne, before Dinicu's Hora Staccato ended the evening brilliantly" - Musical Opinion, Purcell Room, London

"As free in touching the heartstrings as he was in dashing off dazzling runs" - The Irish Times

A Fire Exit Production
Long Live the Little Knife

Long Live the Little Knife is a dynamic, absurd and uplifting theatre piece about forgery, castration and blind drunkenness.  Liz and Jim are small-time con-artists who need £250 grand to buy their way out of a turf war.  Their mission is to be the greatest art forgers in the world.  There's only one problem.  They can't paint.

Written and directed by 'theatrical maverick' (Sunday Times) and 'site-specific genius' (Scotsman) David Leddy.

Originally developed with support from the Royal Shakespeare Company and performed at the British Museum, in this fast-paced, provocative and boisterous caper Leddy finds the incongruous connections between verbatim theatre, free-market economics, the psychology of 'truth' and a castrated labradoodle in a classic Chanel clutch bag.

I Spy Mrs Peery

The MsFits present their Edinburgh Fringe award-winning show 'I Spy Mrs Peery'. written by multi award-winning BAFTA-nominated playwright Rona Munro and presented by award-winning comedy actress Fiona Knowles.

Evening News  Edinburgh Fringe Capital Award-winning show ‘I Spy Mrs Peery’, a story of mystery, intrigue and suspense -  more violent than a crash diet, more spine-chilling than ice cubes down the back of yer nightie!   Mrs Peery sees it all from behind her net curtains – she never crosses her own doorstep but she has plenty of say about the state of her neighbours.  What would she do if the big bad world got in through her nets?!  A thought-provoking slice of life focussing on three female neighbours, ‘I Spy Mrs Peery’ is a hilarious yet at times extremely moving show from the MsFits Theatre Co.

Moon Fool
Titania’s Dream

Titania’s Dream re-imagines Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night’sDream as a modern day musical cabaret turned bacchanal.  Performed and created by renowned international theatre practitioner Anna-Helena McLean (formerly of Gardzienice’s Centre for Theatre Practices), this intoxicating performance promises an engaging, funny, sensual and participatory experience in which Titania plays out events from her past.  In an attempt to woo audiences off the path and back into the woods, she combines vocal acrobatics with looping and live cello to animate the power of true love.  Titania’s Dream is the Queen of the Fairies’ tale with an amplified twist.

Pepperdine University (Malibu)
Why Do You Stand There In The Rain? – by Peter Arnott

When I marched off to war in 1917, I remember a Civil War veteran, over 70 years old, telling me, ‘Son, you are all heroes now. But some day they’ll treat you like dogs.’ Benjamin B Shepherd of the BEF. Based on the Bonus Army March of 1932 on Washington DC, Arnott’s play tells the story of 20,000 ragged and desperate First World War veterans and their families from all over the U.S. who set up ‘Hoovervilles’ around the nation’s capital, to lobby Congress for the early release of a promised compensation package for services in the First World War. Congress voted ‘No’ and Hoover called upon MacArthur and Patton to drive the veterans out of the capital. Armed with bullets and tear gas, 1,000 infantry and cavalrymen pushed the veterans out of Washington DC burning everything they owned.

Under the musical direction of Scottish composer and actor John Kielty, this documentary-style play with music continues the Pepperdine tradition of live music performed by a talented ensemble. From the iconic anthem Over There to the songs of Woody Guthrie, Bessie Smith, Leadbelly and other contemporaries, this rich tapestry of tunes underscores the story of the veterans whose march on Washington D.C. led to the formation of the GI Bill. Peter Arnott’s work has been produced in Scotland, Moscow and New York. He received the prestigious Creative Scotland Award in 2007.

‘A superb, captivating, unpretentious and exceptional show, easily my Fringe 08 Highlight’ ***** British Theatre Guide, The Kentucky Cycle

Mike Maran Productions and Marjanishvili Theatre
Platero – Travels with a Donkey

Based on the writings of Juan Ramon Jimenez told byMike Maran, with music by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco performed by Craig Ogden, with puppetry by Nino Namitcheishvili and directed by Levan Tsuladze.

Once upon a time, a hundred years ago in Moguer - a small whitewashed town near Seville overlooking fields of vines, olives, pomegranates and the Rio Tinto - there lived a little silver donkey called Platero and the Nobel Prize-winning poet  Juan Ramon Jimenez, who was born and grew up in the town.  His best loved collection Platero Y Yo (Platero & Me) paints an affectionate picture of Moguer and the timeless Andalusian landscape which influenced a whole generation of Spanish writers including Garcia Lorca.
In this delightful new stage adaptation Mike Maran once again teams up with Georgian director Levan Tsuladze and puppeteer Nino Namitcheishvili, following their record breaking collaboration with Captain Corelli's Mandolin.  Top-selling classical guitarist Craig Ogden will perform the musical score especially composed for the stories.

LOCHAN in association with SEALL present:

Site-specific installation dance performance inspired by haiku, Zen calligraphy and gardens.
Weaving poems, movement and objects enso attempts to touch the subtle inner experience of reality while creating an eerie atmosphere of suspension in time.

Townsend Productions
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

This hilarious, fast-paced adaptation of Robert Tressell’s classic book shares with its audience a year in the life of a group of painters and decorators as they renovate ‘The Cave’, a three-storey town house, for Mayor Sweater.  It traces their hardships and struggles for survival in a complacent and stagnating Edwardian England.  These workers are the ‘philanthropists’ who throw themselves into back-breaking work for poverty wages in order to generate profit for their masters.  An enduring and absorbing classic story is brought to life by Neil Gore and Fine Time Fontayne, two hugely talented and experienced performers, using comedy routines and entertaining songs of the Music Hall, with a few surprises along the way!

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company in association with
The Beacon Arts Centre
In An Alien Landscape

Albie is an ordinary man who experiences a scuffle with death resulting in the unleashing of his creative genie.  The play visits the world of brain injury, consciousness, memory and creativity.  A world where up is down, the past is here and now, and even the words of those Albie loves have become gibberish and a continuous rushing white noise.  Who has he become?  Who was he?  When his past still haunts him and there’s no escaping who he was, is something incredible waiting to be discovered?

The poetic language of the script will be complimented by this visually stunning production, which navigates the confusion of Albie's life in a stylistic structure of images, paintings and sound. By Danny Start, directed by Julie Ellen.


Wildbird Theatre in collaboration with Node Graphics:
Dreich House - Adventure Activity Holidays For Children That Nobody Loves

Dreich House – Adventure Activity Holidays for Children that Nobody Loves is the story of fifteen year old Ruby Love, the unloved daughter of Hollywood royalty who is bundled off for the Christmas holidays to Dreich House, a sinister gothic mansion in the remote Gloomgorm Mountains of Scotland,  the ancestral home of megalomaniac latin mangler and all round evil genius, Baron Boltfast.

To its clients, Dreich House is a young persons adventure activity centre with a single dark purpose, the discreet disposal of children that nobody loves, satisfaction guaranteed. But for Boltfast this is an elaborate cover as he gathers together the most talented and unlikely gang of crooks in the history of crime. His master plan – to commit the crime of the century and hold the world to ransom on Christmas day, and only this select band of unloved children can pull it off…

Strangeface Theatre Company:
The Amazing Adventures of Pinocchio

Based on the original story by Carlo Collodi, award winning Strangeface bring an extraordinary mix of masks, puppets and live music to this tale of wild mischief and temptation. In a style closer to Roald Dahl than Walt Disney, the Amazing Adventures of Pinocchio takes us on a fantastical journey from his first moments as a talking log through a madcap series of scrapes with fairies, nefarious rascals Fox and Cat, a sinister puppet-master, and a trip to the Land of Cockayne.

In turns thrilling and heart-warming, moving and comical, Strangeface brings an inimitable magic to a masterpiece of surreal fantasy and features our ever popular “back stage tour”.

Tim Kliphuis Trio

Tim Kliphuis first made his name playing with the fiery European gypsies but soon developed a crossover style that has taken him to classical, jazz and folk venues across the world. The Dutch violinist and his trio bring Plockton Village Hall to life with their high-energy brand of gypsy swing and jazzed-up classical tunes: a “deliciously effervescent mix” (The Herald) featuring Scotland’s outstanding musicians, Nigel Clark (guitar) and Roy Percy (double bass), as heard on BBC’s Radio 3. Scotsman Tim’s trio take Django’s Gypsy Swing several masterful leaps forward by blending it with strands of Vivaldi, Jobim and the Chieftains, and to top it off, a few Stéphane Grappelli gems. “Fearsomely fast and fun”– Time Out.

Evan Christopher & Django à la Créole

Clarinettist, Evan Christopher combines virtuosity, immaculate taste, and enthusiasm with a deep commitment to exploring the full range of possibilities in the New Orleans Jazz tradition. Fusing Gypsy Swing with New Orleans grooves and rhythms of le monde Créole, his band released their debut CD, "Django à la Créole" in 2008. Their second outing, "Finesse " was chosen for best jazz CD of 2010 in the Sunday Times, UK.

Andy Cannon & Mull Theatre in association with Imaginate:

Scota-Land presented a unique opportunity for promoters and communities to work together with local primary schools to help deliver a fantastic interactive storytelling experience.

A week or so before the performance, workshops took place in Loch Duich Primary School. With the help of a highly qualified workshop leader, children created displays and artefacts which appeared in the show as part of the Scota-Land Visitor Centre.

The performance took place in Dornie Hall which was transformed for the day into the Scota-Land Visitor Centre on the mythical Isle of Mickle, where the famous Crown of Destiny had been on display for over a century.

Horse + Bamboo Theatre present:
Angus – Weaver of Grass

1946: withdrawn and solitary, South Uist native and WW2 veteran Angus was placed in Craig Dunain Psychiatric Hospital.  From lengths of plaited grass rope, straw, leaves and twigs gathered from the hospital grounds, Angus wove the most extraordinary garments; his careful placement of them in the undergrowth suggests they had from him a greater significance – a secret world where he really lived.

OneTouch Theatre with Fiona Knowles
Stick Granny on the Roof Rack

Fiona Knowles returns with a performance to rival past triumphs such as Sex and Chocolate.  The good news… ‘Holiday of a Lifetime’, Marie won it on a scratch card.  The bad news… ‘for all the family’!  The family: Katy, a teenager with attitude, Graham, once the love of Marie’s life, now 15 years past his sell-by date, and… his Mum!

National Theatre of Scotland 
Love Letters to the Public Transport System by Molly Taylor

With down to earth realism and soaring lyricism, Taylor offers a memorable portrait of Britain today in her three interwoven stories of lives subtly changed by journeys on our often underrated public transport system.  Join Taylor in her quest to thank the bus and train drivers who have transported her to some of the key meetings in her life.

'Molly Taylor's Love Letters To The Public Transport System... is a traditional monologue of extraordinary exuberance and power: three interwoven stories of lives subtly changed by journeys on buses and trains, and of Taylor's quest for a way to thank the bus and train drivers who have delivered her to some of the key meetings of her life.

The mood is intensely romantic, the language a fabulous mixture of realism and soaring lyricism, all delivered in a Glasgow-Scouse idiom that pays full respect both to Taylor's current city, and to her Liverpool roots. And in telling her sweet and ravishing stories Taylor also offers a memorable portrait of Britain, rich in diversity, strewn with remarkable cities, and still underpinned by public services without which the fabric of our lives would simply collapse' - The Scotsman.

The New Budapest Café Orchestra

Back by popular demand after their wonderful performance last June; enjoy a Hungarian Goulash Night with the NBCO.  Inspired by the music of the Balkan gypsies, the NBCO plays an impassioned, but often tender mix of Hungarian Czardas, Russian and Ukranian folk songs and dances from Romania and Moldavia, as well as their own electrifying compositions.

Four Corners comprising of McFall’s Chamber & Special Guests

For their latest musical mystery tour McFall’s Chamber, the renowned maverick ensemble are joined by four of Scotland’s finest folk musicians, each of whom has written a new piece that captures their very own ‘corner’ of the country. Founder member of Blazin’ Fiddles Aidan O’Rourke comes from Oban. Aberdeenshire piper and whistle player Fraser Fifield has collaborated with McFall’s before. Corrina Hewat has been described as ‘a prodigiously talented harpist’ is originally from the Black Isle. Wick-born pianist James Ross  distils folk,classical and jazz influences to magnificent effect.

Liz Lochhead - Poetry and Conversation

“National poet (Scottish Makar)  and playwright Liz Lochhead is already on her way to becoming as much a part of Scottish folklore as porridge and salt.” Brian Beacom

Splinters Productions present The Matchmaker by John B Keane

Keane gathers up a delightful gallery of glorious eccentrics in this potent mix of humour and poignancy in this tale of Dicky Mick Dicky O’Connor a small farmer from Kerry who follows the great Irish tradition of matchmaking. He pairs off local lonely hearts so that ‘every old shoe would find an old stocking’.

Mike Maran and Philip Contini - Italia ‘n’ Caledonia by Thom Dibdin

Charming and wistful, if not a little dewy eyed the pair tell of the lives and tragedy of the Italian diaspora in Scotland in the 20th Century. In a faltering intimate style they recount how Italians’ mutual trust with Scots was shattered when Mussolini declared war on Britain, leading to the tragedy of the Andora Star in July 1940.

Mull Theatre in association with Oran Mor - a Double bill A Play, A Pie and A Pint, consisting of two comedy dramas about guys, friendship and festivals:-

From Paisley to Paulo by Martin McCardie
Jack is a huge fan of Paulo Nutini and was born in the same hospital on the same day as him, and is a huge fan. He goes to a music festival in a stolen hearse with his two best friends just to see him. A genuinely hilarious postmodern Scottish buddy-movie


 Waterproof by Andy Duffy
Somewhere in the Highlands, friends Alex & Gordon are trying to enjoy a fishing trip. Mouthy Alex claims his mobile phone contains the number of every good looking woman in Dundee; so when Gordon throws Alex’s phone in the river, things seem about to get nasty...

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company
The Man Who Lived Twice

The Man Who Lived Twice explores the historic moment in John Gielgud’s career, when he met Sheldon, the mentor, who advised, encouraged and influenced the young actor.
On the 27th December 1936 a young, beautiful and very much in demand actor John Gielgud had an unforgettable meeting with playwright Edward Sheldon. Gielgud recounts in a letter to his mother, "I had an extraordinary time this afternoon. Edward Sheldon who wrote ‘Romance’ and other successful plays has been stricken with some appalling petrifying paralysis for fourteen years and is blind too. All the well known stage people go to see him, talk to him and act scenes from their plays and ask his advice....”

Des Horsfall with Kuschty Rye

Des Horsfall’s group Kuschty Rye have recently released an album entitled 'The Good Gentleman’s Tonic' inspired by Ronnie Lane of Small Faces and Slim Chance fame.  Des and multi instrumentalist colleague Andy McKerlie playing six and twelve string guitars, resonator, mandolin, harmonica and dual vocal will re-create the songs from the album, along with selected Ronnie and Ronnie-related covers to produce a lively laid back 1970’s feel. An evening of Rustic Rock n Roll with light-hearted banter.

Simon Thacker – Classical guitar virtuoso

Classical guitar virtuoso Simon Thacker has attracted the highest acclaim wherever he has performed, from Edinburgh to Havana, London to Andalucía. His technical virtuosity and emotionally charged interpretations have established him as one of Britain’s most exciting classical performers. He will present an exceptional programme that explores every facet of this most intimate and poetic of instruments, including music by Spain's most influential music creator Manuel de Falla in a moving tribute to his mentor, French genius Claude Debussy, a wonderfully evocative and atmospheric work by Minoru Miki masterfully arranged from Japanese koto, Manuel Ponce, Mexico's greatest composer, legendary Cuban virtuoso Leo Brouwer and Benjamin Britten’s haunting masterwork Nocturnal after John Dowland, commissioned by Julian Bream and still considered the finest piece ever written for guitar.


Zenwing Puppets
The Story of Father Christmas

A gentle tale about a little boy who is brought up by magical creatures to become Father Christmas.

Vision Mechanics
Dark Matter

A new project funded by the Northern Scottish Touring Fund and The Davidson trust. It will premiere in October 2011.

In an ordinary garden something extraordinary is about to happen. Shadows lengthen; the contrast between dark and light intensifies. Suddenly you sense movement.

Enveloped in a soundscape and sheltered by black umbrellas, our small audience will be immersed in fantastical story that rises from the dark earth; a tale about the shadows creeping up from our subconscious.

The audience will be aware of the flickering images conjured by our storyteller. Projected onto plants and trees, shapes appear and disappear as the Dark Matter rises up from below.

Cuillin Sound - woodwind trio

CUILLIN SOUND is a woodwind trio with a real difference! Three of Britain's leading woodwind players - flautist Lynda Coffin, clarinettist Sarah Watts, and bassoonist Laurence Perkins - have teamed up to form a small, beautifully balanced ensemble which is as well suited to concert performances in the major UK and international concert halls as it is to smaller community venues.

‘Cuillin Sound’ is named after the beautiful land and sea scapes around the islands on Skye and Raasay on the west coast of Scotland. The group's wide-ranging repertoire and relaxed performance style reflects this, drawing listeners into the special 'inner sound' and inspiration of the music they perform - these special qualities are unique to live music making.

Msfits Theatre
Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

May's a bit MAD! Hitting 60's not going to stop her having a good time! Matti is BAAD! She's just a child but she'd curdle your rum punch! Mia is glamorous, ageless and maybe a little bit ...DANGEROUS, TO KNOW!
Matti's been dumped with May for 3 weeks. May likes salsa dancing, Matti likes slugs, they're never going to bond! And Matti thinks May's new best friend, neighbour Mia, looks like a very ...Dangerous Person to Know! May can't see it! Can May and Matti ever find a way to get on? Could discovering Mia's guilty secret bring them together? Or could it all go HORRIBLY WRONG?!!!! it'sMad, Bad and Dangerous to Know!
a story of One Woman Growing Old Disgracefully, One Woman not Growing Old at all and one...very Scary Child! Families, Friendships and pure Fantasy, it has to be the latest ONE WOMAN comedy drama from:- The MsFits.

Chris Garrick and the New Budapest Café Orchestra,

on board the “Sula Mhor” - Plockton Sundowner Cruise in conjunction with Calum’s Plockton Seal Trips
The New Budapest Café Orchestra play powerful and driving folk-based music from Eastern Europe, inspired by the music of Balkan gypsies. Comprising four fabulous players of violins, guitar, accordion, double bass, saz & balalaika, the New Budapest Café Orchestra plays an impassioned, but often tender mixture of Hungarian Czardas, Russian and Ukranian folk songs and dances from Romania and Moldavia, as well as their own electrifying compositions. The music evokes vivid images of Tzigane fiddle maestros, Budapest café life and gypsy campfires.

Northern Scottish Touring Fund present:

Mull Theatre & Wildbird Theatre -
The Mysterious Death of Netta Fornario
A Gothic tale of magic, madness, murder and mystery set on Iona. Mixing fiction with real events - the unexplained and controversial death of Netta Fornario, a remarkable young lady closely linked to the inner circle of the Occult Society of the Golden Dawn.
When an Edinburgh doctor travels to Iona in the summer of 1930, he is visited by the ghost of Netta Fornario, who died the previous year in scandalous circumstances. He sets out to investigate her death, convinced that if he can discover the truth, he can redeem himself and come to terms with his own wartime experiences. But will his encounters with Netta – in spirit, fantasy and fact – lead to the truth, or something else entirely…

Piatti String Quartet

Finalists in the 2009 Royal Overseas League competition and winners of the Tunnell Trust Award 2010/2011, the Piatti String Quartet are fast emerging as the UK's leading young string quartet. The Quartet members are all past and current award-winning students from the Royal College of Music and Royal Academy of Music and have played throughout the UK at various venues and festivals including the Royal Festival Hall, St Martins in the Fields, St James Piccadilly and the National Gallery. Their programme for this concert will include works by Beethoven, Bach (arranged Mozart) and Debussy.

Laura Cortese

Laura is a busy and well-respected musician. This fiddling and singing and song-writing whirlwind has worked with an impressive list of musicians, including Pete Seeger.

Wildbird Theatre

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Wildbird's adaptation sets Shakespeare's original play firmly in the world of celebrity pop culture in a breathtaking fast paced version performed by an all female cast of four. It’s the showbiz wedding of the year as the world’s biggest music promoter weds the queen of Glam-pop in the PR sensation of the decade. Only lovers are allowed in their secret Island hideaway and the relationship difficulties of four up and coming young starlets threaten to spoil the party and the headlines.

Only the shadowy paparazzi can conjure perfect love from the crisis and save the day in time for the world’s biggest televised concert.
One spot in the line-up remains to be filled by hopeful wannabes in a live TV talent contest, and you can’t tell the girls from the boys these days…


A Christmas Carol
An extraordinary adaptation of Charles Dickens classic Christmas ghost story. Eccentric masks, wild puppets, and live music chill the spine and warm the heart. The enduring tale of skinflint Scrooge is moving and comic in equal measure and a perfectly memorable Christmas indulgence. This festive performance is suitable for all but the very young (7+) and includes the company’s ever-popular backstage tour.
Strangeface are now one of two dedicated mask theatre companies in the UK. Director Russell Dean says "Dickens' ghosts, grotesques and eccentrics leap from the pages of 'A Christmas Carol' straight into Strangeface's colourful world of extraordinary masks and puppets, original song and soundscapes. Charles Dickens' enduring tale and Strangeface's inimitable style is a combination not to be missed!"

Loon and Theatre Mimi

Phileas P Souper
An evening of joy, drama, slapstick and musical adventure fit for all the family. Four musicians and two miming clown artistes travel hysterically, beautifully, and magically around the world almost literally in about 80 minutes. From a tandem bike through Paris, to a flying bed in Cairo and a late train in Siberia, they embark on an incredible journey offering their tender, comical observations as they go.
Come and see them play marimbas, mbiras, saw, piano, peanut tins and zither…not to mention singing, accordion, bassoon, banjo, brass, percussion, drums, guitar, tuned wine glasses, and washboards. Edinburgh Fringe street theatre meets a travelling circus band; Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin meet Spike Jones’ City Slickers. If you enjoy great comedy and equally great music then this show’s for you!

Reeling & Writhing

If I was a mouse I would hide in your hood
Snuggle in and cosy up for an enchanting tale of imagination, friendship and discovery. Mouse wants to play games, ask questions, fly to the moon and go to the party. But she’s shy. Mouse likes hide and seek best of all (mostly hiding) but there’s no-one to find her… until a new family move in. Her adventure told by two performer-puppeteers; it’s made of tricks and tales, puppets and people, music, mice and friends. Mouse’s world is brought to life with more than a whisker of fairytale magic in a show guaranteed to enchant 3 to 6 year olds (and everyone else!).
The show from Glasgow-based theatre company Reeling & Writhing stars Tim Licata (Plutot La Vie) and David Rennie-Fitzgerald (Martha, Catherine Wheels; Peter Pan, Citizens Theatre) and features exclusive music by internationally renowned children’s composer Paul Rissmann (the man behind RSNO’s hugely popular Naked Classics series). It is accompanied by the e-picture book I’m Just A Mouse written by Tim Nunn and beautifully illustrated by Helen Hicks; both the music and the book are available to download FREE at Reeling & Writhing, ensuring Mouse will remain a firm family friend long after the show has finished.

Andy Irvine In Concert

Musician, singer and songwriter, Irvine is one of the great Irish singers. From Sweeney's Men in the mid sixties and the enormous success of Planxty in the seventies, to Irish super group, Patrick Street, and his current “dream band”, Mozaik, Andy has been a world music pioneer and icon for traditional music and musicians. Few others can equal his repertoire: Irish traditional songs, dexterous Balkan dance tunes, and a compelling canon of his own material that defies description. Irvine occupies a unique place in the musical world, plying his trade as archetypal troubadour, with a solo show and travelling lifestyle that reflects his lifelong influence, Woody Guthrie.  With an opening set from pupils from Sgoil Chiùil na Gàidhealtachd.

Magnetic North - Walden

On 4th July 1845, Henry David Thoreau walked into the woods near his home town of Concord, Massachusetts and decided to stay. He found a spot next to a lake called Walden Pond and built a hut. For the next two years he attempted to live entirely by his own resources.
Walden, Thoreau’s account of his ‘experiment in simple living’ is one of the most extraordinary and unclassifiable books ever written. Following rave reviews and sell-out performances in 2008 and 2009, Magnetic North once again presents its beautiful one-man adaptation of this classic meditation on self-sufficiency, the individual’s relationship with the environment and the desire ‘not to live cheaply or dearly but to live deliberately’.  Performed by Ewan Donald and adapted and directed by Nicholas Bone.

Jacobite Country - A new comedy by Henry Adam                                                    

From the makers of the international hit, The Tailor of Inverness, a scintillating new comedy with live music and tremendous craic.

Selling his soul and his Highland roots, burned out TV comic Haggis McSporran has become a King of Comedy in the fleshpots of London. Uprooted, homogenised and out of drugs, he returns to the Highlands looking for new material and his mojo, old pal Craitur Face, a DJ on Jacobite Radio. Granny’s cancer cure, ‘cannabish’, and a visit to Craig Dunain Mental Hospital, might help. Along the way, they meet the Loch Ness Monster and prevent Uncle Angus from invading England (again).

Mr McFall’s Chamber with Michael Marra

A programme of music featuring renowned Scottish musician Michael Marra. Line-up includes Phil Alexander on harmonium and accordion, Su-a Lee on cello and musical saw, Robert McFall on violin and mandolin, Brian Schiele on viola, Rick Standley on double bass and bass guitar.
Mr McFall's Chamber first performed with Michael at the last of the famous "None of the Above" events at the old Bongo Club in Edinburgh. Since that time they have been getting together when schedules permit and have built up a repertoire encompassing both Michael's witty, poignant and finely observed songs and Mr McFall's Chamber's typically diverse repertoire.
The concert included a selection of Marra’s own songs, alongside accordion music from Finland, nineteenth century Cuban tunes, folk-influenced classical music from the Czech Republic and Argentinean tango.

Concerto Caledonia  -

The Fiddler, the Dancing Master and the Virtuoso -
Sonatas, Reels and Airs from Scotland

Concerto Caledonia, Scotland's early music group, bring passion and energy to the classical and traditional music of the nation’s history played on period instruments such as harpsichord and violoncello. An eclectic choice of material played with superb musicianship by this dynamic group. With David McGuinness, harpsichord, David Greenberg, violin, Greg Lawson, violin and Alison McGillivray, violoncello.
The concert features the music of the two most celebrated cellists of eighteenth century Scotland, James Oswald and Christoff Schetky. From his original role as a dancing master, James Oswald's ambition led him first to become the doyen of Edinburgh composers, and later one of the great commercial successes of London cultural life, collecting and publishing traditional tunes as well as his own compositions. Schetky arrived in Edinburgh from Darmstadt in 1772, and during his long career as the Edinburgh Musical Society's principal cellist he rubbed shoulders with another extraordinary musician: the exuberant and unpredictable fiddler 'Red Rob' Mackintosh. Mackintosh published an astonishing and quirky array of Scots and European dance music, as well as wild virtuosic italianate sonatas.

Island Opera -

A Night at the Opera
Skye-based Thomas Colwell and Rhona Colwell who founded Island Opera perform some favourite arias and duets from Handel to Kurt Weill. The accompanist is Gordon Tocher.  The second half is made up from operetta and some of the best loved songs from the shows.

Wayfarer Productions -

Mr Darwin’s Tree
Mr Darwin's Tree is a new one man play performed by Andrew Harrison and written by Caithness-based writer, Murray Watts.  It focuses on the life and works of Charles Darwin, drawing on his diaries and looks at issues around science, faith, love and human destiny.  For everyone aged 16+.

Isosceles in association with Useful Idiots

The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band changed my Life Forever
Is there anything more frustrating than being a One Hit Wonder? Maybe being a One Hit Wonder Tribute Act! This play tells the story of two Tribute Wannabees, Bob and Eric, who meet at an audition which might be their last chance for fame. Both are only a song away from making their dreams come true...but Rock 'n Roll can break your heart. Their dedication stands out, their history is uncovered and their future unfolds. A story driven along by songs from the sixties that might lead them to the promised land - The Crying Game, Urban Spaceman, I'm the Pied Piper, San Francisco, Something in the Air, Spirit in the Sky and many more. Written by Patrick Prior and performed by Pat Abernethy and Dave Marsden.

Oh, Whistle…Two Ghost Stories by M R James

Performed by R M Lloyd Parry

Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad – a tale of nocturnal horror on the Suffolk coast – is considered by many to be the author’s masterpiece. It is beautifully complemented by The Ash Tree, a story of witchcraft and vengeance down the generations.

Every Christmas M R James would write and perform new tales, to entertain friends in his rooms in King’s College, Cambridge. A century later, these still have a special power to terrify and amuse. Robert Lloyd Parry recreates James’ entertainments in a truly atmospheric way, illuminated by candlelight and underscored by dread. (Illustration by Paul Lowe)

Katona Twins - Timeless Guitar

The Hungarian born Katona Twins, Peter and Zoltán, have given recitals throughout the world including performances at the Carnegie Hall in New York and the Royal Festival Hall and Wigmore Hall in London. Their wide programme includes Rodrigo, Bizet, Mozart and De Falla. They have broadcast frequently for the BBC and other international television and radio stations.

Birds of Paradise Theatre - Clutter Keeps Company

A bittersweet comedy thriller about running away from an unholy mess and plunging into utter chaos. It’s a school night… your mum’s at work and your dad’s away. Your sister is supposed to be looking after you. Instead she’s wearing bright red lipstick and a tartan miniskirt. And you? You’re tucked up in bed, with a tape cassette under the pillow, dreaming of jellyfish… or are you? Written by the award-winning writer, Davey Anderson. The performance is surtitled and audio description is embedded within the text.


Tales from Lochalsh and Kintail
Gathered and researched by Mary Jane Campbell with primary school workshops and films directed by Catriona Lexy Campbell.
In the year of Homecoming Scotland, children in Auchtertyre, Glenelg, Kyle, Loch Duich and Plockton Primary Schools heard traditional stories from Lochalsh and Kintail and interpreted them into short films.
Come along and hear these traditional stories as told by Mary Jane Campbell and see the children’s films.
This project has been supported by The Highland Council.

Sgeulachdan à Loch Aillse is Cinn Tàile

Air an cruinneachadh le Màiri Sìne Chaimbeul le buithtean-obrach sna
bun-sgoiltean air an stiùireadh le Catrìona Lexy Chaimbeul.
Ann am bliadhna Thighinn Dhachaigh na h-Alba, chuala clann-sgoile ann an Uachdar Thìre, Gleann Eilg, An Caol, Loch Dubhthaich agus Am Ploc sgeulachdan traidiseanta à Loch Aillse agus Cinn Tàile agus chuir iad na dreachan aca fhèin orra ann am filmichean goirid.
Thigibh a dh'èisteachd ris na sgeulachdan air an aithris le Màiri Sìne Chaimbeul agus a dh'fhaicinn filmichean na cloinne.

War, Peace, Justice and Potatoes

John Wheeler is a singer, storyteller, star gazer, gardener, proud new grandfather, philosopher, street performer, nature lover, one time fool, carpenter, coal-man, corporal, chorister, Londoner. 30 years ago he and his young family discovered Galloway en route to Ireland: it became their home when the van would go no further.
John tells tales of tricksters, bold girls, birds and of demons outwitted, of unlikely heroes and creatures of the sea. His Celtic myths include favourites from the Welsh Mabinogian. His sources are world wide and many of the stories have been collected for his 'War, Peace, Justice and Potatoes' project - twice funded by the SAC.

Alistair McCulloch

Former national fiddle champion Alistair McCulloch, is one of the busiest and best-known fiddlers in Scotland and is in constant demand as a performer, teacher, adjudicator and composer. With ex-Capercaillie whistle wizard Marc Duff, and Angus Lyon (Box Club) on accordion and piano.

Mike Maran Productions - A Funny Valentine

It’s 1961 and Chet Baker, voted best jazz trumpeter in the world, is in an Italian jail doing time for drug offences and sharing his cell with a storyteller with the sound of his music wafting through the prison bars. Told by Mike Maran with live music on stage arranged and performed by Colin Steele (trumpet) and Dave Milligan     (piano). Suitable  for aged 15+

Little Bulb Theatre – Crocosmia/Sporadical

Crocosmia received the Arches Brick Award, the Fringe First Award for new writing and the Total Theatre Award for Best Graduate Company at the Edinburgh Festival 2008. It is fast-paced, visual storytelling following three siblings and their attempts to make sense of the world. Sporadical is a musical extravaganza featuring traditional and exotic instruments.

MsFits Theatre - Fur Coat and Magic Knickers

One actress, three characters…a compulsive shopper who has to buy, buy, buy, a Personal Shopper at breaking point and a Mum on a mission. Laughter and tears from the award winning duo, actress Fiona Knowles and Edinburgh International Festival playwright Rona Munro.

String Driven

It all started in 1972 with the release of their self-titled album String Driven Thing when the band headed up by Chris and Pauline Adams burst on to the progressive folk-rock scene and took the music press by storm. Now Chris Adams is back with String Driven showcasing his distinctive vocal and song writing talent. With Dick Drake on all things percussive, bassist Andy Allan and guitarist George Tucker.

Andy Irvine

with support from the Marianne Fraser Band
Musician, singer and songwriter, Irvine is one of the great Irish singers.  From Sweeney's Men in the mid sixties and the enormous success of Planxty in the seventies, to Irish super group, Patrick Street, and his current “dream band”, Mozaik, Andy has been a world music pioneer and icon for traditional music and musicians. Few others can equal his repertoire: Irish traditional songs, dexterous Balkan dance tunes, and a compelling canon of his own material that defies description.  Irvine occupies a unique place in the musical world, plying his trade as archetypal troubadour, with a solo show and travelling lifestyle that reflects his lifelong influence, Woody Guthrie.  Don’t miss this rare chance to see him perform.  The Marianne Fraser Band from Sgoil Chiùil na Gàidhealtachd played a short set at the start of the concert. 
Marianne is a powerful and emotive singer who has recently begun writing her own songs, some of which will feature in the programme.  Marianne is on vocals and guitar, Murdo Cameron on guitar, Mhairi MacKinnon on fiddle and Alasdair Murray on percussion. They played support to Sandi Thom on her recent Scottish tour.

Nola Rae and Lasse Åkerlund - Home Made Shakespeare
Nola Rae (London Mime Theatre) is an artist of international standing and one of the most unique performers in modern British Theatre. She joins forces with Lasse Åkerlund (Teater Allena - Sweden)  to perform an evening of choice Shakespearian morsels.  There’s a mad version of Shakespeare's murderous Scottish Play, Nola Rae's famous version of Shakespeare's Hamlet for two gloved hands and Romeo and Juliet where two tragic lovers are found discarded in separate dustbins, and animated by two rival clowns.

The Last Cuckoo - Seaview Productions
This funny and moving story tells of one man’s life-long passion for birds and the outdoors, using a rich panoply of sound effects and exquisitely drawn characters.  Loathed, adored and misunderstood Harry Baskerville takes us on a fascinating journey of discovery.  This one man show with Andrew Harrison is written by BAFTA nominee, Nigel Forde.

The Tailor of Inverness - Dogstar Theatre

Winner of the 2008 Scotsman Edinburgh Fringe First award.  This outstanding production  is a story of journeys, of how a boy who grew up on a farm in Galicia (Eastern Poland, now Western Ukraine) came to be a tailor in Inverness.   Writer and performer, Matthew Zajac explores the moving story of his father's wartime escape from Poland to Scotland through words, music, dance and video.  With violinist Jonny Hardie.

Gary Innes

Accordionist Gary Innes plays and writes in traditional and contemporary Scottish styles.
He was in the final four for Best Up and Coming Artist, Scotland’s Traditional Music Awards. He is joined by Ewan Robertson, guitar, winner of the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Award 2008 and  Martin O'Neill, one of the leading exponents of the bodhrán.

Baby Baby - Stellar Quines Theatre

By Vivian French -adapted from her teen novel
Pinky and April always see each other about town. They are both fifteen but that's the only thing they have in common. They have different friends, different styles and different tastes. But despite their differences Pinky and April just can't help getting under each other's skin. And somehow, despite everything, they end up together at Tinley Road School for young mums.


Psychovertical – Tales from the Edge
Top British climber, Andy Kirkpatrick tells  a not-to-be-missed off the wall mix of scary stories from the cutting edge of climbing, the bizarre world of TV and film work, and his hilarious and sometimes moving observations of a life that often seems more fiction than fact. He says that the show is not just for climbers as it’s  more like 'Touching the Void' meets 'Extras' with a bit of Peter Kay thrown in! 

Eduardo Niebla

Internationally acclaimed guitar duo with  a dazzling repertoire of  stunning flamenco jazz.  Continually seeking out new musical terrain, Niebla has traversed the worlds of pop, jazz and world music, collaborating with such diverse partners as sitar maestro Nishat Khan, George Michael, Lol Coxhill and Craig David. He has written music for documentaries and plays and has appeared with writers and poets including Fran Landesman and Mike Horovitz. 

Licketyspit Theatre -  Heelie-go-Leerie! 
Acclaimed  children’s touring theatre Licketyspit make their first visit to Lochalsh. Set in the world of playground games and children's stories in several languages and dialects including Scots, Heelie-go-Leerie! has strong music and dance elements, African drumming and bagpipes. An irresistible, exuberant show for children and their families.

HOOT – harp and flute - Helen MacLeod and Emma Wilkins

Harpist Helen MacLeod grew up in Inverinate and formed vibrant young harp and flute duo, HOOT, with Emma Wilkins in 2005.  Helen and Emma are much in demand as orchestral and chamber musicians having worked with several distinguished groups ranging from the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Northern Sinfonia and the Halle.

Mull Theatre - Swindle and Death, a new comedy by Peter Arnott

Swindle and Death are an old fashioned family theatre ensemble, now somewhat reduced, but still persisting in their classical and populist fare, touring Shakespeare and popular melodrama "entertaining Scotland since 1707". However, all is not as it seems.  Marjorie, an intrepid spy from the Scottish Arts Council, infiltrates the company. And, by way of Mary Queen of Scots, the Flouers o' the Forest and a little touch of the Undead Shakespeare, she uncovers the hysterical horror at the heart of this Caledonian darkness... and what really happened that night in Ballachulish!

The Black Sheep Comedy Company - Professor Bumm’s Story Machine

This improvised comedy for all the family brings you new levels of inspired lunacy as two of the country’s greatest eggheads race to avoid getting egg on their faces as they create stories out of thin air.  Suitable for aged 6+. 

The Black Sheep Comedy Company – The Joy of Wine

An hour of laughter by the bucket load and free wine-tasting from the masters of character comedy and Edinburgh Fringe favourites. Following the success of his illustrated talk on "The Joy of Wine" at the Harvest Festival, the Reverend Andrew Jones has hit the road in a mission to convert the lager-swilling luddites of the country to the drink of kings (and tramps). Ably assisted by idiot-savant wine taster Ciaran Murtagh.  Adult comedy.

Wee Stories  -  One Giant Leap

 A co-production between the National Theatre of Scotland and Wee Stories, One Giant Leap tells the epic tale of Mankind’s struggle to get its head round the Universe and the conflict between science and superstition. Blasting off from the Big Bang, travel alongside our ancestors through time and space as they try to solve the mysteries of the Universe, before landing on the Moon and taking that one small step towards one giant leap. Told in Wee Stories’ unique brand of inventive story-telling theatre, One Giant Leap is an illuminating, entertaining and rewarding theatrical event for everyone from ages 10 to adult.

Scottish Opera - The Merry Widow

Franz Lehár’s wonderful favourite is set at the turn-of-the-century and is a light-hearted, whimsical operetta that tells the story of Hanna Glawari, the witty widow of an outrageously wealthy man, who is now in search of a new husband. However, Anna faces a tough decision; if she does remarry, her tiny country, Pontevedro, will be left bankrupt. Full of witty songs and lively music   Sung in English with piano accompaniment. 

Au Courant

Baroque music concert with the Au Courant Trio. Au Courant is a trio consisting of baroque violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord. Each of its members is an accomplished soloist, and all three have ties to the renowned Oberlin Conservatory of Music in the U.S.  The concert was in the magnificent setting of the Banqueting Hall at Eilean Donan Castle and the programme ranged from a set of Renaissance pieces in improvisatory style through avant-garde early seventeenth-century Italian violin music, French baroque music by Marin Marais, and trios by Buxtehude and Telemann.

Benchtours Theatre -  The Lesson by Eugenie Ionesco

The excellent Benchtours with this classic by one of the foremost absurdist writers of all time, the play charts a single tutorial given by an ageing professor to his young female pupil.  Looking at the politics of power and the way in which we are able to rely less and less on meaning and logic as fixed points in changing times. 

Strangeface – The Last Resort

Far from here and now, a remote village is teetering on the edge of ruin. One day a mysterious soldier thief appears with an astonishing fortune on his back and a disgruntled devil at his side. Strangeface presents a satire about greed, ambition and ultimately redemption in a style best described as Spitting Image meets The Brothers Grimm. A darkly comic folk tale told with masks, puppets and live music. Designer and mask maker, Russell Dean has worked extensively with the acclaimed Trestle Theatre Company.

Cornelius and Jones – The Nutcracker

A special Christmas show for local primary schools.  Adapted from the story by Hoffman, the play takes place in a toyshop in 19th century Germany where Zachariah the toy maker is hard at work. Reality gradually gives way to dream-like fantasy as the audience is led into a series of amazing adventures. The imaginative use of toys, automata, puppets and Christmas traditions makes the show particularly magical.



























































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