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Lizzie has gathered a collection of Highland Stories that have been passed down through generations.

'To celebrate how stories hold communities togeather I have made THE HIGHLAND STORYPANELS with children  from all around the highlands, they give form to the pictures that stories make in the minds of both storyteller and listener, connecting us to a long tradition. They are like doorways into the Storyworld'

The stories all feature plants and animals of the highlands and can connect us to the wonderful shared heritage of folklore, stories and beautiful natural environment.

The Rowan , Hazel, Birch, Scots Pine, Heather, Broom, Thistle, Bluebell and Snowdrop as well as many birds and animals feature in the Stories which include The true Story of the Loch Ness Kelpie, The Fairy Hill, The Birth of Ossian, The Seilkie Wife, The Seeing Stone, The Fox and the Crow , The Swan Princess, The Owl and the Storyteller . The Salmon of Wisdom.

Tel 01349 863726 or email


I have made Storypanes all over the Highlands, working with Primary School children,

My hope is to inspire the children with a love of the stories so that they will want to keep the stories alive.

Keiss Primary School Caithness
South Wick Primary School Caithness
Achfarry Primary School Sutherland
Bonnar Bridge (2) Sutherland
Dornoch Primary School Sutherland
Ardross Primary School Rossshire
Resolise Primary School (2) for school merge of  Newhall and Cullicuden Ross shire
Mulbuie Primary School Ross shire
Strathpeffer Primary School Ross shire

Hilton of Cadboll Ross shire
Glen Urquhart Primary School Drumnadrochit Inverness shire
Balnain Primary School Inverness shire
Cannich Bridge Primary School Inverness shire

I make a pair of panels one to stay in the school so the children can retell the stories on their panel and one to become part of the Highland Storypanel collection.

I also take the Storypanels all around the country retelling the stories that inspired their making.

Many people have enjoyed the wonderful heritage of Highland Stories that the Storypanels celebrate.

This is fun and an exciting way for children ( and adults ) to hear about Highland Culture and aspects of Highland History .

Stories include The true Story of the Loch Ness Kelpie, The Fairy Hill, The Birth of Ossian, The Seilkie Wife, The Seeing Stone and many more.


Tel 01349 863726 email lizzie.mcdougall@googlemail.com

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