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Living Educational Theory Research

What is Living Educational Theory Research? It is a form of professional practitioner educational research. A professional practitioner accepts their responsibilities as a professional, which include holding themselves to account by researching their practice to understand and improvement and generate a valid explanation for their educational influence in the learning of the social formation that is the context of their practice and in the learning of those and in their own learning to realise to their values-laden raisons d'être. A professional practitioner may or may not be a member of a professional body.


Why bother? I believe most people want to flourish - not just survive but to flourish. 'Flourish' for me communicates the warm feeling of satisfaction someone gets when they feel they are living according to their values and helping others to do so too. I also believe that most people that sense of 'flourishing' includes feeling they are contributing to a world where humanity can flourish - their own humanity, the humanity of others and the flourishing of Humanity as a species. Living Educational Theory Research can provide a way of developing their contribution.

As a professional practitioner I accept responsibility for researching to improve my ethical practice - and helping others to do so too by making public accounts of my research.

People around the world are contributing to this movement. Find some by visiting the living-posters homepage on Jack's website

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Jack Whitehead brought Living Educational Theory research into existence during the 1980's as a lecturer in the University of Bath, UK. Since then it has been taken up worldwide is now an established educational practitioner research paradigm and methodology.

A few landmarks and resources as a starter

And now your help is needed...

This website provides another way of finding what you are looking for. Are you new to Living Educational Theory research and wondering where to start? Or are you an experienced educational practitioners looking to extend your understanding, knowledge and practice of Living Educational Theory research? This site is work in progress and needs your help develop pathways through the wealth of resources that exist and are being created. Cant find what you need? Tell us what you are looking for and we will evolve the site to meet your needs adding papers, references, videos, links to support and whatever we can to help. Looking forward to hearing from you...


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