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The LEEKFRITH NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN has been complete at our end since May 2018 after the first 6-week consultation.

We worked then, mainly with the PDNPA, to ensure all the documentation was valid. This involved checking that:
1. Every response to the Consultation was actioned appropriately.
2. The whole Consultation process was carried out in accordance with the Guidelines.
3. The generation of the Basic Conditions Statement. This is a lengthy document ensuring that the Leekfrith Neighbourhood Plan(LNP) conforms to prescribed legal conditions the National Policy Planning Framework, the achievement of sustainable development, conformity with local strategic policy and EU obligations.
4. Generating a Strategic Environmental Assessment, which looked at the likelihood of the LNP adversely affecting the environment.
5. Generating the Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening Report. This checked whether or not the LNP would have a significant effect on the adjoining ‘Natura 2000’ sites ie the Roaches.
This process including another 6-week consultation process took until July 2019. A number of months were lost as Natural England decided whether or not a rule change necessitated a full-blown Habitat Regulations Assessment was required. In the end, it was decided that it was not required.

The next stage was ratification by PDNPA and SMDC before it was submitted to the Examiner.

The Examination was successful and the LNP with all its documents was approved on 23 Dec 2019.

The LNP was finally approved by SMDC and PDNPA in March 2020 and was to be put to a referendum on 7th May 2020 along with the election of the Police Commissioner. The pandemic put paid to that plan.

The referendum took place on May 6th 2021 and was approved 100 votes for to 17 against.

My heartfelt thanks to Arthur Wilson who has helped me enormously during the documentation phase of the LNP. Also Adele Metcalfe at the Peak Park for being so incredibly helpful and rational throughout this tortuous process.

Bob Foster


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