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Hi everyone, please sign the guestbook and say hi just so's we know there are people out there.

Brilliant Christmas Party
Thanks for being such an enthusiastic and friendly audience on Saturday (13th December) - hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did!
We're all looking very cool now in our new shirts, bowler hats and outrageous Mexican outfits.
See you soon - Merry Christmas!
Posted by Knoxville Highway on 14 December 2013
Friday 14th Sep
Hi all,
Hey thanks for a great night. We all really enjoyed the show and playing to such an enthusiastic audience.
Looking forward to seeing some of you at Brean.
Thanks again
Next of Kin.
Posted by Next of Kin on 15 September 2012
Thanks guys, really enjoyed the show. Great to have a real band doing some different material for a change.
Posted by on 15 September 2012
jagers festival.
hi Tim hi Alison, it was wonderful to meet you both again after all these years, we look forward to our visit to your club later on this year, i realy enjoyed chatting to you both at jagers take care and give everyone my best wishes
Posted by kris davis on 10 March 2010
Hi Kris, thanks for the message, was great to catch up with you too. Hard to think it has been over 10 years since we saw each other.
Look forward to seeing you around the clubs.
Tim and Alison.
Posted by on 10 March 2010
New Venue
Hi both just a few words to thank you for a great night at tredomen dog track, never seen so many people,no worries with venue just happy to have somewhere to go. keep up the good work see you soon pen and steve
Posted by pen+steve on 20 February 2010
Thanks both, hope to sort out teething problems for next time.glad you had a good time.
Posted by on 10 March 2010
Blackstone River 13th Nov
Hiya, Looking forward to playin' your club on November 13th, was good to see you both at the El Paso the other week. Cheers
Posted by Lee Blackstone on 14 September 2009
Posted on 23 June 2009
great site.
Posted on 29 May 2009
Hi Both
Posted on 28 May 2009
Alwyn Decaprio
Posted on 09 May 2009
hi all
Posted on 06 May 2009
Where are you?
Posted on 17 April 2009
Great 1st Night
Posted on 25 March 2009
Good Luck ya varmit!
Posted on 20 March 2009
Good Luck
Posted on 19 March 2009
Club nights
Posted on 16 March 2009
Posted on 12 March 2009
Posted on 10 March 2009
Posted on 22 February 2009
Posted on 17 February 2009

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