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My Terms of Use - TOU Updated

MCN: W55B0-ACE6C-50B1B

My Terms of Use For: - Tubes, ScrapKits, Templates, Quick Pages & WordArt - All are FTU from these two interactive websites

All Artwork on view or downloaded from these two websites are Copyrighted to ©KSDesignz previously known as ©KSD
Terms of Use are as follows:

What you may DO with my ©Copyright Artwork:

1. You may use ©KSDesignz artwork on your non-profit website/s
2. You may use ©KSDesignz Tubes offered here to make your own tags/siggies, (signatures) by adding text, sparkles or blings to ... You may also animate eyes, legs and arms as long as you do not distort the tube in a way it is unreckonisable
3. You Must leave all file names intack
4. Tubes, Scrapkits & Elements, Tagger Templates, Quick Pages & WordArt freely offered are all Copyright to ©KSDesignz and to be treated as such under my TOU - All I ask is for a little credit and a link be placed on the work pointing back to this website or to my Yuku group if you use any ©KSDesignz Artworks

What you may NOT do with my ©Copyright Artwork:

1. DO NOT claim any ©KSDesignz or ©KSD artwork as your own personal artwork
2. DO NOT remove any copyright marks from ©KSDesignz Tubes unless you add it to another place on a tag or if it is considered an element then no copyright is needed
3. ©KSDesignz artwork is NOT for commercial use whatsoever!
4. DO NOT sell any ©KSDesignz or ©KSD artwork anywhere ... this also includes:-NOT placing them onto a CD for sale in any form, including E'Bay or the like nor are you to upload any tubes and offer them to any file sharing site on the internet - Please do not rip apart any ©KSDesignz scrapkits/templates nor use along side another scrap makers elements!
5. DO NOT add any ©KSDesignz tubes inside scrapkits created by you
6. Do Not use any ©KSDesignz tubes to create alphas with

I spend a lot of time on my creations so please DO NOT claim anything as your own!

AND please respect my TOU

Thank You

©KSDesignz - 2019 & Beyond


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