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This page allow you to leave a message for everyone to see. It wll allow you to make yourself known to others and perhaps make new friends with the same interest.

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Cardiff Rally 2009
It was great to see you (and your boat) at Cardiff Bay last weekend.
I noticed the reaction from the watching croud as you manoeuvred your boat as you came back to base. It was good to see. I hope to see some photographs on this website shortly.
Posted by Jack Whitehouse on 18 August 2009
Congratulations on your award
Your Austin Healey classic motor boat looked superb at Windermere during the August rally. I have seen the photo in your photo gallery.
Congratulations on your award: Best British Boat 2009.
I am looking forward to seeing the next boat you are working on.
Posted by John Hopkins on 09 August 2009
Windermere 2009
Nice to see you again at Windermere. As always, your boat looks great.
Posted by Tommy B on 04 August 2009
Your new website
Hi Ian
It's great to see your new website and have the opportunity to leave messages.
I saw your Austin Healey Classic Motor Boat last year and I think you did a fine job restoring it to its original condition.
Posted by George Williams on 28 May 2009
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