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Hurlford Preceptory will celebrate

it's 125th Anniversary

on Saturday the 27th of August 2016

at 1.00pm in The Masonic Temple,

2, Riccarton Road Hurlford.

Most Eminent and Reverend Grand Master

James R. Hodge and the Officers of Great Priory

will be in attendance.


Hurlford Preceptory and Priory Installation

3oth of November 2013 at London Road, Kilmarnock.

This was a very enjoyable day, spent in the company of the fratres of Ayrshire, Dumfries and Gallowy and Strathclyde. The officers of The District Grand Priory of Ayrshire were ably assisted by a team from Springvale in re-installing Venerable Frater Ivie Rennie and the officers of Hurlford.

After the ceremony upstairs the fratres adjourned to the refectory board in the big hall downstairs where a buffet style meal was enjoyed and the requisite toasts were made and replied to.

Many thanks to all who attended and in particular the travelling knights from across Ayrshire and from our sister districts. Your attendance made the day for our Venerable Preceptor and all at Hurlford.


Brisbane at Largs - Games Night April 2013

Eminent Frater Robert entrerd on behalf of Hurlford and was partnered by Venerable Preceptor Robert McDonald of Brisbane for three of the four events (Darts; Carpet Bowls and Pool) after which "Hurlford" was lying second overall. However then came the quiz! The "killer" questions having been set by Venerable Preceptor Robert, it was down to Frater Sandy Conner to make up Hurlford's team, but even his valiant efforts could not prevent the team from coming in fourth! However, a great evening was enjoyed by all who came and this event will be repeated next year! Get along if you can - keep an eye on Brisbane at Largs' website! 

Mon, 01 Apr 2013

The Passing of Venerable Frater James Orr Dean jnr. Past Preceptor

Venerable Frater James Orr Dean jnr. passed away after an extended battle with cancer. Venerable Frater Jim was Hurlford's treasurer for some years previous to being installed as Venerable Preceptor and continued with his duties as treasurer after demitting office as Preceptor right up until shortly before his illness made these duties impossible. Venerable Frater Jim was a loyal and faithful servant of his mother Preceptory and is very sorely missed.


The Passing of Very Eminent Frater Roger Raymond Kimmett, PP. P.D.G.S. of Ayrshire, P. G. Sw. Bearer of the Great Priory of Scotland

Very Eminent Frater Raymond passed away in January of this year after a long battle with cancer. Very Eminent frater Raymond was Preceptor of Hurlford Preceptory and Priory from 1992 to 1994. He was District Grand Secretary to Right Eminent Frater John Draper during part of his term in office and served as Depute Grand Mareschal of the Great Priory of Scotland. I took over from him as Preceptor of Hurlford in 1994. Raymond was a charachter who seemed larger than life. He did not enjoy the best of health  even then as he suffered from damage to his spine that required surgery on more than one ocassion and left him battling with chronic back pain. Raymond will be missed.

Posted 11:29


Venerable Frater James Blades.

Venerable Frater James Blades completed an extended term of office as Preceptor of Hurlford, three consecutive years on the 24th of November 2012 when he finally demitted office to Venerable Frater Ivie Rennie. Venerable Frater James is to be congratulated for his dedication and perseverance during his term of office as he not only held the chair of the Preceptory and Priory but also held high office in the Royal Arch. As immediate past preceptor, Jim has also taken on an active office within the Preceptory of Hurlford, again demonstrating his commitment and dedication.

Posted 11:13  

Installation of Venerable Frater Ivie Rennie

Venerable Frater Ivie Rennie was installed as has now become the tradition at the Masonic Temple, London Road, Kilmarnock on Saturday the 24th of November 2012. The ceremony was carried out in the usual efficient manner by the District Grand Prior and his officers assisted by the fratres of Brisbane at Largs and was followed by the refectory board and usual toasts in the function suite downstairs.

Fri, 31 Aug 2012 Support Required!


Fratres of Hulford, your Preceptory urgently requires your support. Please come along at our next muster. Your presence and support would be a great encouragement to the rest of us and would be greatly appreciated.

Posted 15:06 

Thu, 05 Jan 2012

Marking the end of the old and the beginning of the new! Unfortunately the year ended with the untimely death of Ven Frater David Russell of Cunningham. The beginning of the new year was similarly marked with the sad neaws that Ven. Frater Robert Lamb of Springvale and Brisbane at Largs had gone to meet his maker. Both of these frateres will be sorely missed by their families and friends. Surely things can only get better. Posted 15:09

Thu, 05 Jan 2012

Installation 2011

Venerable Frater Jim Blades was installed as Preceptor for a third year. The ceremony was well attended by fratres from within and outwith the District Grand Priory of Ayrshire. Rt. Eminent Frater John Turner led the team from Ayrshire and Rt. Eminent Frater Jim Petigrew led those from Strahclyde. Rt. Eminent Frater John Taylor led the deputation from Dumfried and Galloway. The ceremonial was slick and well performed and the refectory was enjoyed by all who were able to stay. (The brevity of the speaches probably had something to do with that.) Posted 15:02

Fri, 01 Jul 2011

Passing of Venerable Frater David Milne Taylor.

Venerable Frater David, a Past Preceptor and stalwart of Hurlford Preceptory has passed to Great Priory above. A memorial service was held for Venerable Frater David in Hurlford Preceptory at our April muster. Posted 19:22

Sun, 17 Apr 2011

Honorary Membership of Threave Castle Preceptory.

Eminent Frater Robert Wilson was honoured by the fratres of Threve Castle at their last regular muster of the session on the 14th of April by having Honorary Life Membership conferred for services rendered over the years. E, Fr. Robert expressed his gratitude to the members and assured them that he would continue to support the fratres in any way he could for the foreseeable future. Posted 17:55

Sat, 02 Apr 2011

The Malta Muster held on the 24th of March.

On behalf of the Venerable Preceptor and Fratres of Hurlford, many thanks to all those who came along to visit on our last muster! Venerable Prior Jim had the pleasure of welcoming a large number of travelling knights from Strathclyde; There were ten from our sister Priory of St. John Cambuslang! From Dumfries and Galloway we had the reighning Prior of Threave Castle, Venerable Prior Michael Perry. We were also joined by a very good turnout of fratres from the sister Priories within Ayrshire and of course a large turnout of District Officer accompanied our Right Eminent District Grand Prior who was also accompanied by Right Eminent Frater Jim Pettigrew, District Grand Prior of Strathclyde. The evening was made more memorable as two new Knights of Malta were created one from Hurlford and one from St. John Cambuslang. A very enjoyable night was had by all. Posted 17:13


Fri, 11 Mar 2011

Honorary Membership of Brisbane at Largs.

Eminent Frater Robert Wilson was honoured last week (3rd of March)at Brisbane at Largs when he was made an honourary member. Robert expressed his delight at being so honoured and expressed his view that this honour is not only a personal honour but also reflected on his mother Preceptory and expressed his gratitude to Venerable Frater Robert Lamb and the fratres of Brisbane at Largs.

Posted 17:20

Sat, 26 Feb 2011

January Muster

Was a Temple Grade at which Companion David Russell was created a Knight of the Temple with the assistance of the Officers of Hurlford and The Fratres of St. John Cambuslang. The passing of Venerable Frater David Taylor was also marked. Thanks to all who attended and assisted. Posted 05:08

Sat, 26 Feb 2011

February Muster

A heartfelt thanks to all who came and made it such an enjoyable evening. Special thanks to The five fratres from Forth Valley, from St Mungo's in Alloa and Falkirk Preceptories. Our friend from St John Cambuslang, Venerable Frater Robert was really excellent once more in the part he played in the ceremonial. Thanks also to Frater Craig for standing in and to the fratres who made donations and helped to tidy up at the end. Please come back next month and we can do it all again! Posted 05:01

Tue, 01 Feb 2011

The Funeral of Venerable Frater David Milne Taylor P.P.

Venerable Frater David was was Preceptor of Hurlford Preceptory twice. He also served as Chaplain and at he time of his death he was was our Seneschal. Venerable Frater David's service to Hurlford was staunch and his assistance an encouragement to his fellow officers and fratres. He will be missed. A Memorial Service for Venerable Frater David will be held after our muster in April.Posted 09:36

Sun, 05 Dec 2010

Annual Installation

The Installation ceremony was carried out this year by the District Grand Priory Officer themselves in the absence of a supporting Preceptory. The ceremonial was to the usual high standard and was fully accomplished in 45 minutes from the entry of the District Grand Prior to the closing of the Preceptory in full form. A substanial meal was enjoyed at the refectory board (and the warm soup was much appreciated). An extensive raffle added to the afternoon's enjoyment and everyone who contributed is to be thanked for their support, particularly Frater Jim our second aide. Venerable Preceptor Jim would wish to extend his thanks to all who attended and contributed to the afternoon.Posted 11:31

Mon, 08 Nov 2010

Our re-scheduled Installation Muster.

Our installation muster has been moved, at the request of District Grand Priory, to accomodate the Centenary Muster of the District of Ayrshire on Saturday the 27th of November. This looks like being a memorable day and I for one will be there.Posted 06:53

Mon, 08 Nov 2010

Malta Muster Oct 28th

Frater Billy Auld was created a knight of St. John of Jerusalem at this muster by a team from St. John Cambuslang, Hurlford and Moira Union. Our own VP was "missing" (he was actually on holiday on the island of Malta!)However our IPP took charge of the muster and the Annual General Muster which took place immediately following the close of the Malta Muster. Frater Billy was of course "catapulted" into office at our AGM! He's a keen lad and will go far.Posted 06:48

Sun, 26 Sep 2010

Temple Muster 23rd of September 2010

Thursday the 23rd marked a return to active work for the preceptory with the admission of frater Billy as our newest aspirant. The muster was well attended by District Grand Priory, our sister preceptories within Ayrshire and by our friends from St. John Cambuslang. It was a busy meeting being our first after the recess and though overshadowed by the passing of a number of fratres from around the District. Thanks to all who attended and to those who contributed to the gradework.Posted 04:25

Sun, 26 Sep 2010

The passing of Eminent Frater A. B. S. "Dickie" Richardson PP of Crobie, Honorary Grand Provost, Holder of Grand Master's Award

Eminent Frater A.B.S. Richardson has passed to the Great Priory above aged 99 years. Dickie as he was affectionately known, was nothing if not a character! He held active office in his mother preceptory of Crosbie as Mareschal until about two years ago. He continued to visit and support preceptories throughout the District of Ayrshire until that time and was made an Honorary Member in nearly all of the preceptories within Ayrshire over the years, including Hurlford. Dickie frequently spoke at the refectory board and his tales of "Captain Carruthers" were avidly enjoyed by an eager audience. He had a ready wit and a great fund of stories and memories that entertained and educated those who listened. We are all poorer for his passing and he will be missed. Posted 04:17

Fri, 21 May 2010

The passing of Frater Richard Hunter.

Frater Richard was an affiliate member of Hurlford Preceptory. He had connections in Hurlford having an"Old Auntie" living here and other family members. Richard who actually lived in Central Glasgow, was a regular attender to Hurlford despite failing health. He held office as Chaplain for two years and laterly as Almoner. Richard was a quiet man who enjoyed the company of others. He was also a community spirited individual, participating in local community projects in Glasgow. In his more recent period of ill health, he was limited in his ability to get around but he still kept in touch by phone. I for one will miss those conversations and I am sure that his presence among us will be missed by all who knew him. Posted 13:35

Sat, 24 Apr 2010

Contact with Petrie Preceptory.

Contact with our Fratres in Petrie Preceptory has been resoundingly re-established! Thanks to Venerable Preceptor Jack Lowe a regular flow of correspondance has been begun and I have to say that I have found his information and comments both informative and interesting. Venerable Frater Jack has also sent a number of pictures and a selection of these has been added to our gallery if you care to browse these. They include some photos of the recent visit by the Right Eminent and Reverand Grand Master David A. C. Niven to install the new Right Eminent Grand Prior of Queensland.Posted 17:34

Sat, 06 Feb 2010

Renewed contact with our Twinned Preceptory - Petrie Preceptory!

The good news is that Jack Lowe, the incumbent Preceptor of Petrie Preceptory contacted me on Friday to renew the contact between our Preceptories after a break of around two years. This good news is however tinged with sadness as Eminent Frater Noel Nash who had been our contact in times past, passed away in November of last year. Venerable Frater Jack reported that his funeral was well attended by many friends from his social and masonic circles. He will be missed.Posted 08:38

Sun, 29 Nov 2009

The Passing of Right Eminent Frater Robert Smith PP PGO PGDGP KCT.

The passing of Eminent Frater Robert (Bobbie) Smith,was an event that touched very many people deeply. Frater Robert was a dedicated Templar and had been for many years evidence of which lies in his many titles and accolades. He was a Past Preceptor of Cunningham Preceptory, Past District Grand Prior of Ayrshire, Past Grand Sword Bearer, Knight Commander of the Temple and an active and respected member of Grand Master's Council. He was also an Honorary Member of Hurlford Preceptory (among others). I should rather say that we were honoured to have R.E.F Bobby as one of us. His enthusiasm for the Order was honest and clear and sometimes landed him in trouble (in the nicest possible way!) One such occasion was when, enthused by the standard of the gradework he announced in his feedback to the fratres of Hurlford that the Grade was not just first class but "world class". A remark that came back like heartburn every now and then to haunt him. On another occasion R.E.F. Bobby won a "haircut" in a prize draw and was delighted with this, until someone else modelled a very short back and sides that he had been given by the barber when he had presnted his voucher. (I do not believe that the haircut was ever claimed.)Bobby's sense of humour was acknowledged and he could not only make a joke, he could take a joke as well. He will be sorely missed. Posted 18:57

Sun, 29 Nov 2009

Hurlford Installation 2009

The installation of our new Venerable Preceptor Jim Blades and Officers for the incoming session took place once more at London Road. It was a very pleasant day, if a bit fraught at times for some of us! Venerable Preceptor Jim was delayed at the butchers and so was not present when we opened! (Had he taken fright? Fortunately not!) He was fully and efficiently installed by Right Eminent Frater Peter Watson assisted by the Fratres of Crosbie. The meal was excellent and the speaches relatively short! A good day seemed to be had by all. Thanks to all who contributed to the fund raising efforts; to those who helped in the kitchen and served the food; to those who gave up their time to be there travelling from strathclyde, from Dumfries and Galloway and from deepest darkest Hurlford. A special mention must also be given to Venerable Frater Ian Murray for his help and assistance as between us we set up and took down the parafinallia and finally sincere thaks once more to the Hall Committee, The Lodges and Fratres who enabled us to hold our Annual Installation within the Premises at London Road. Posted 18:31

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Twinning Preceptory
Petrie Preceptory wishes all your Fratres a very happy and successfull 2010. We share the Caboolture Lodge website as most of our members are from that Lodge. With your permission I will include a link to Hurlford Preceptory. www.caboolturelodge.org.au Kind regards Jack Lowe Ven. Preceptor. 

Posted by Jack Lowe


Sun, 29 Nov 2009

Two New Honorary Members of Hurlford Preceptory.

On Saturday the 28th of November, two new Honorary Members of Hurlford Preceptory were created in the persons of Venerable Fraters Robert Allan and Venerable Frater Robert Shaw both from the Preceptory of St. John Cambuslang No. 8, in the District of Strathclyde. Both Venerable Fratres have been frequent and supportive visitors to Hurlford and have actively participated in Gradework over the years. They have often commented on their feeling of "being at home" with the fratres of Hurlford and that feeling is most certainly reciprocated. This gesture also serves to underscore the fraternity felt between the fratres of Hurlford and St. John Cambuslang.Posted 18:15

Sun, 29 Nov 2009

Eminent Frater Robert Livingstone was made an Honorary Member of St John Cambuslang Preceptory

Eminent Frater Robert was honoured at the beginning of the Muster of St John Cambuslang Preceptory by being made an Honorary Member. This honour, never conferred lightly has been earned over a number of years when in company with Eminent Frater Bill Clements and Eminent Frater Robert Wilson have supported and assisted the fratres of St. John's. It is a signal honour that both Roberts are now Honorary Members. Posted 18:05

Sun, 30 Nov 2008

Installation 2008

A warm Thanks to all who attended our installation muster.Thanks to the members of Hurlford who came along, particularly Brian, Jim B, John C and Richard! To the travelling knights from Dumfries, East Kilbride, Monklands, Paisley, Muirkirk, Auchileck, Troon, Irvine, Ayr, Saltcoats, Dalry, Galston and even from Kilmarnock! It was good to see you all and it made the day for Venerable Preceptor Jim and all the fratres. Posted 15:08

Mon, 03 Nov 2008

Visit to Loudoun Castle Preceptory

Hurlford fratres, led by their Venerable Prior James Orr Dean conferred the Malta Grade at Loudoun Castle Priory within the Barr Castle Galston on the 27th of September 08. A very pleasant and harmonious afternoon was had by all in attendance. Posted 18:24

Sat, 10 May 2008

The death of Venerable Frater Frank Dalzell P.P.

Venerable Frater Frank, died on Monday 14th of April 2008 after a protracted illness. The nature of the illness was debilitating and a source of great frustration for Frank who battled against it valiantly until it overcame him. Frater Frank was a member of Hurlford Preceptory for thirty two years and intoduced a great many new members to our order. He only took the chair however in 1996 but served a full two years in that capacity. His wife, Margaret backed him fully in all his endeavours and her baking was always a treat at the refectory board following our musters. He will be missed within his mother preceptory and more widely in all the orders he was a member of. Venerable Frater Frank's passing was commemorated at a Memorial Service held within the Preceptory on the 24th of April. He marked well! Posted 17:10

Wed, 28 Nov 2007

A comment on our Installation.

Venerable Frater Robert I would like to thank your Venerable Preceptor, Officers, Fraters and yourself for the lovely warm welcome both myself and PP Willie Johnstone received at your annual installation. We both had a most enjoyable day with all the proceedings being carried out to an excellent standard. As it was my first time witnessing the installation since becoming Preceptor of my own Preceptory I found it even more enjoyable as I was able to sit back and witness the full ceremony in a very relaxed manner. The refectrory laid on was above the call of duty and was very very enjoyable.... Venerable Frater James did your preceptory proud. Finally , may I wish your Venerable Preceptor, Officers, Fraters and yourself a very happy and healthy year ... and as the season is almost upon us, a very merry xmas and prosperous New Year.... from Myself, Officers and Fraters from your good friends at Paisley Abbey. You can be assured that you will always be warmly welcomed if visiting any of our musters Knightly and Fraternal greetings Jamie Barton Posted 21:33

Wed, 28 Nov 2007

Our Annual Installation

We held our Annual Installation Muster again at the premises of Moira Union Preceptory at London Road, Kilmarnock. James Dean was installed as the new Preceptor and VF Ray Parker demitted Office after two years as Preceptor. It was once more a very successful occaision according to the feedback from those who attended (See above). The event was well attended by fratres from within the District of Ayrshire and from the District Grand Priories of Strathclyde and Dumfries and Galloway. Sixty-five fratres were in attendance. A big thanks to all who attended and haste ye back. A heartfelt thanks also to the Venerable Preceptor of Moira Union, Venerable Frater Ian Murray for his help in setting up, on the Friday before the Muster and on the Saturday when we returned the temple to it's proper state. Thanks also to the Officers and Fratres of Moira Union for the use of the furniture and fittings, to the Social Club Committee for the use of the Hall, bar and Kitchen. As we have no muster in December, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Venerable Preceptor, Officers and Fratres of Hurlford. Posted 21:24

Sun, 01 Jul 2007

St. John Cambuslang Bi Centenary

St. John Cambuslang No.8 celebrated it's bi- centenary on the 23rd of June 2007. Hurlford was represented by V.Fr. Robert Wilson. It was an excellent day with the Grand Master and a large deputation from Great Priory in attendance. The District Grand Prior and a large deputation from the District Grand Priory of Strathclyde accompanied by the District Grand Priors of Ayrshire and Forth Valley. V.Fr. Robert acted as Mareschal during the opening and closing ceremony and at the end of the ceremony, V.Preceptor Robert Shaw conferred honorary membership on V.Fr. Robert Wilson in recognition of the many years of support given to St. John by V. Fr. Robert and the fratres of Hurlford cementing the relationship between our Preceptories. V.Fr. Robert rounded out his day by delivering the Toast to the Preceptory and Priory of St. John Cambuslang.Posted 04:49

Sat, 28 Apr 2007

New Honorary Member

At our Muster on the 26th Inst. before we held our Memorial Service to mark departed merit, we created a new Honorary Member of Hurlford Preceptroy and Priory in the name of Frater John Steel of Catrine and Sorn Preceptory. Frater John was surprised by the gesture and very moved. Congratulations again Frater and welcome. Posted 14:40


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