Coronavirus (Covid-19).


During the current world wide Coronavirus pandemic the Trust is daily hearing news of the situation in Palestine - the West Bank and Gaza - and also from Israel.

The people of Bethlehem particularly are in a very difficult situation. The majority of the population work ( often on a daily or weekly paid basis as self employed) in a tourist industry which is currently non existent. Easter was a peak time but this year Bethlehem was closed. It is a major tragedy for the people as income streams have dried up.

In this situation Bethlehem Bible College’s caring arm THE SHEPHERD SOCIETY is planning to be active in meeting the dire needs of many of Bethlehem’s poor families, and would value your support.

Please send your gift to the Hope Christian Trust and it will be passed quickly on to Bethlehem



See below a letter from the Shepherd Society(The caring arm of Bethlehem Bible College).


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Greetings from Bethlehem to our friends around the world,

This is an update to the letter we sent some weeks ago.

We are all faced with the challenges brought by the coronavirus. In each part of the world we face challenges particular to our situation – yet all share the same humanity and vulnerability. We would like to continue to share with you our particular challenges here in Bethlehem, and how we (as the Shepherd Society) strive to address these.

Today we are coming out of the quarantine,but restrictions have become increasing tight on movement, and how we live our lives. The town is empty. Borders are closed. We have been working with churches and members of the community to provide emergency relief. One great challenge is reaching people, because of the curfew and restricted movement. We have been approached by people from Bethlehem district for medicine and food. We strive to provide basic needs. People with children are in need of diapers and milk. Children are given priority. For people who are sick with heart problems – diabetic- and more…. we can assist with accessing medication from pharmacies.

We are at a great advantage in that we know our clients are able to discern those most in need, and are trusted by the community. We are also able to negotiate with local markets when we make our purchases – some are willing to wait, but many require cash directly in order to purchase more stock.

In addition to material support, we need your prayers. It is difficult to see too far into the future, and we survive and provide help for others a month at a time. We are nearly through the third month. Thank God! In this town, where God chose to reveal Himself as a small and vulnerable baby, we know He is with us and understands our pain. Not the smallest need passes His attention. We trust in God’s provision. We trust our friends around the world to stand with us, as we stand with you in prayer.

Needs are intensified in a population in which many struggled before. In this present crisis, lack of employment and loss of income is a very real situation for so many people. We do not have a benefits system that can address this. We call on your support for the Shepherd Society, as we strive to provide for those most in need in our town.

Support Our People

We will continue to update you.

God bless you all,

Shepherd Society Team-

Bethlehem Bible College

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