The Hope Trust latest newsletter/IPad version.

A very happy and blessed Christmas and  thank  you  for all the love , support, encouragement ,and prayers  that you have given over the last year from Trustees Paul, Chris, Janet, John, Peter and Rosemary,and from all the children and their families that you have blessed through your love, gifts, and prayers. John has just returned from another visit to the Lighthouse School in Gaza.This year the children have made special  Christmas cards to send to all our supporters. Below is a reminder of the different ministries the Trust supports. Further details on the web site.

Abud Evangelical School is a primary school and kindergarten in the village of the OT prophet Obadiah.  The Trust has been able this year to support the administration with a new lap top, pay for the construction of a stage in their hall and pay for a teacher.

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The Zababdeh Family Centre is bringing light and joy to the village. The Trust is supporting the growing nursery and has plans to help the handicapped in the area - there are tremendous needs!

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Al Minara (the Lighthouse ) is thriving in Gaza in the face of many difficulties The Trust has just provided a week of intensive teaching training for the staff and is alsosupporting a teacher. Thanks to all  monthly pupil sponsors.Click on the image(above right) to go to our Lighthouse School page.



The Trust pays the annual salary of the Hearing Impaired Teacher in Hebron School.

 Click on the image (left) to access our Hebron School page.



We have been able to support the Love into Action ministry of family care and the provision of respite care at their home - Beit Yusef -in the Shepherd's Fields  near Bethlehem. Links are now being made with the Zababdeh Family Centre.


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The Trust supports Bethlehem Bible College students and the ministry of the Shepherds Society. John is helping to develop teaching at the Gaza Study Centre - a BBC extension  -and on line learning.

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Your support and encouragement continues to be needed in all the different areas of the Trust's ministry.For our contact details Click here.